Dreamship Surprise - Period 1 2004

Hundreds of years after humans have settled on Mars, Regulator Rogul and Lord Jens Maul, lead a force of Martians to Earth in order to conquer the planet. Queen Metaphor looks to the gay heroes aboard the spaceship Surprise -- Captain Kork, Mr. Spuck, and first engineer Schrotty

The Surprise 2015

An eccentric multimillionaire signs an agreement to have his life ended. While selecting his coffin he meets a young woman who has signed up for the same arrangement. Trouble ensues when the couple falls in love and wishes to get out of the contract.

Surprise 1991

Surprise is an educational short film directed produced by Pixar for Sesame Street featuring the character of Luxo, Jr., originally from the short film Luxo, Jr.. Co-directed by Lasseter and Andrew Stanton, the short built upon the original film, focusing on little Luxo demonstrating the concept of "surprise" with the help of his dad, Luxo, Sr. The short was included on the Pixar Short Films Collection DVD and Blu-ray. In the short, Luxo Sr. examines a box; when Luxo Jr. pops out demonstrating "surprise." Source: pixar.fandom.com/wiki/Surprise

Shanghai Surprise 1986

Glendon Wasey is a fortune hunter looking for a fast track out of China. Gloria Tatlock is a missionary nurse seeking the curing powers of opium for her patients. Fate sets them on a hectic, exotic, and even romantic quest for stolen drugs. But they are up against every thug and smuggler in Shangai.

Santa's Surprise 1947

Seven children from around the world follow Santa home on Christmas Eve and decide to surprise him with some help around the house while he sleeps.

Pullet Surprise 1997

Pete Puma is trying to raid the henhouse Foghorn Leghorn is guarding; Foggy decides to have some fun with Pete.

Mickey's Surprise Party 1939

Minnie is baking cookies. When she leaves for a short while, her dog Fifi accidentally drops popcorn kernels in the dough. Mickey and Pluto come over and visit with Minnie and Fifi. When Mickey notices that something is burning, Minnie remembers the cookies, which are popping popcorn out of them. Minnie is upset and lies on her sofa crying. Mickey goes out and buys a large amount of cookies and crackers. He comes back and shows them to her and she is overjoyed. The short was originally a theatrical advertisement for the National Biscuit Company (now known as Nabisco), where all of the products seen are various Nabisco products (i.e. Ritz Crackers, Oreo Cookies, Fig Newtons, etc.). These would later be edited out and replaced with generic-brands in television broadcasts and home video releases.

Asterix vs. Caesar 1985

Obelix falls for a new arrival in his home village in Gaul, but is heartbroken when her true love arrives to visit her. However, the lovers are kidnapped by Romans; Asterix and Obelix set out to rescue them on a dangerous journey that will involve gladiators, slavers and beauracracy - and a personal encounter with the Emperor himself, Julius Caesar...

Surprise Package 1960

Comic crime caper, set on a Greek island, starring Yul Brynner and Mitzi Gaynor.

Kekko Kamen Surprise 2004

Studying music at a remote island academy, poor Mayumi (Aki Hoshino) and her classmates fall victim once more to erotic tortures at the hands of their corrupting instructors. Just in time, Kekko Kamen (Misaki Mori) takes center stage with a red mask on her head, nunchakus in her hands, and a song in her heart!

Pluto's Surprise Package 1949

Pluto tries to bring in the mail, which gets more difficult when a package sprouts legs and tries to go swimming. Between the wandering turtle and the wind blowing the other mail around, Pluto's got quite a task ahead. And it's not made easier when both the letters and the turtle go off a large cliff.

Surprise 1930

Tom Dugan trying to go on a date behind his wife's back gets a surprise.

Surprise 1996

While his lover is sleeping, a man assembles around her a Rube Goldberg collection of malevolent-looking implements. Then he leaves and lights the fuse . . .

Surprise, Surprise 2009

Beginning as a critically-acclaimed play and based on a true story, Surprise Surprise is a moving and unpredictable portrait of a closeted TV star, his much younger disabled lover, and the troubled teenage son he never knew he had. Infused with dark humor and set behind the doors of a secluded home in Malibu, Den Jorgensen's seemingly idyllic life is permanently altered when his son David, a swaggering 16-year-old homophobe, unexpectedly arrives at his doorstep. David's arrival forces Den to confront his already problematic relationship and, eventually, all three men are compelled to join together to redefine the concept of what constitutes a family. Written by Travis Michael Holder

Surprise, Surprise!!! 2014

A socially awkward, heavy-set college student conducts a philosophy class experiment by conning his sexy, womanizing best friend into posing as "himself" to date a beautiful, charming woman from an online dating website. He's doing all this to prevent himself from losing his scholarship and flunking out of school. Once the truth unfolds, he realizes it was a huge mistake. Watch as the hilarity unfolds in this wacky comedy.

The Anniversary Surprise 2018

Raj Malik is in a relationship with Mahi, his secretary. He has also balanced a lovely relation with his wife Priyanka as well. On their marriage anniversary, they plan to go out on a resort. The resort witnesses a murder. Who is murdered? The wife or the secretary or the husband?

Surprise, Surprise 1984

Surprise, Surprise is a British television programme originally hosted by Cilla Black and produced by London Weekend Television for ITV. It ran for 14 series from 6 May 1984 to 5 September 1997, after which four annual specials were produced between 1998 to 2001. In 2012, the show returned after a 11-year hiatus. The revived version is produced by ITV Studios and presented by Holly Willoughby. The show is currently in its second series.

Surprise Surprise Gotcha

Surprise Surprise Gotcha is an Australian hidden camera practical joke television series. Hosted by radio personalities Matt Tilley and Jackie O, the series commenced on the Nine Network on 18 September 2007.

Surprise Chef

Surprise Chef was an Australian cooking television show that was broadcast on the Seven Network from 2001 to 2003. It was repeated on Seven HD. The show revolved around the chef Aristos Papandroulakis, who would surprise an unwitting Coles supermarket shopper with an offer to cook dinner for them in their own home. If taken up on the offer, Papandroulakis then set himself to cook a filling meal using only the ingredients available to him from their pantry, fridge or what groceries they had bought. He also set himself a "challenge ingredient"; in one episode this involved using a bottle of Coca Cola as a marinade. In bookending segments, Papandroulakis was also joined by co-presenters Ian "Herbie" Hemphill and Flip Shelton, who gave tips on food preparation and meal ideas. Later, Greg Duncan Powell and Ben Canaider joined the cast, giving advice on choosing wines, while Cindy Sargon replaced Shelton in 2003.

Surprise Gardener 1998

Surprise Gardener was a TV series on Home & Garden Television which aired from 1998 to 2003. Each week, host Susie Coelho welcomed a guest designer to perform a much needed backyard or garden makeover. Each makeover was performed in a single day.

The Big Surprise 1955

The Big Surprise is a television quiz show broadcast in the United States by NBC from October 8, 1955 to June 9, 1956 and from September 18, 1956 to April 2, 1957. It was hastily created by NBC in response to the overwhelming ratings success of The $64,000 Question, which had premiered on CBS in Summer 1955 and almost instantly became a smash hit. The Big Surprise offered a grand prize of $100,000. The series was originally hosted by game-show entrepreneur Jack Barry through March 3, 1956, after which he was replaced by journalist Mike Wallace for the rest of the run.

Quints by Surprise 2010

Quints by Surprise is a reality television show produced in the United States by Megalomedia about the Jones family, consisting of parents Ethan and Casey and their six children, including quintuplets. The show follows the family through their daily lives, focusing on the challenges of raising multiple children. The show premiered on TLC on August 30, 2010. The family originally appeared in two one-hour specials titled Too Many Babies? and Too Many Babies: How They Do It on Discovery Health, which were later re-aired on TLC under the names Quintuplet Surprise and Quintuplet Surprise: The First 16 Months. The third season will premiere on November 8, 2011.

Surprise Mystery TV 2018

In this 21st century where advanced technology is evident in our everyday lives, strange mysteries and veiled truths from the past still remain. In addition, there are also strange events that surprised the entire world and are still remembers to this day. Even nowadays, there are still some incidents that cannot be explained even with scientific evidence. Surprise Mystery TV compiles small incidents from our daily lives as well as those from worldwide and reenacts them for us. Along with the viewers, this program questions whether these incidents are actually valid and strive to reveal the truth that’s hidden behind them.

Surprise! It's Edible Incredible!

Surprise! It's Edible Incredible! is a Canadian children's game show series produced by Apartment 11 Productions, and is currently broadcasting on BBC Kids. It stars Julie Zwillich as the host of the show, and Mike Paterson as Mr. Gross.

Surprising Europe

Ssuuna Golooba used to work as a Photo journalist in Uganda before he decided to go to Europe to seek his fortune as an undocumented migrant. He had to find out the hard way that pastures in Europe are not as green as they seem to be. Ssuuna ended up living in anonymity of an undocumented migrant for more than five years. He survived on the scarce income he generated by doing irregular cleaning jobs. Ssuuna was in Holland in 2005 when a fire broke our at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, an accident that reached international headlines. Eleven undocumented migrants, who were kept in captivity before their deportation by airplane, died in the fire. Many more were injured. This event was a turning point in Ssuuna's perception of Europe. He could have never imagined that a disaster of this scale could take place in wealthy, well - organized Europe. "Many people sell their assets in the name of traveling to Europe to make a fortune over night but I want to warn them that the Schiphol incident was one in many that are not even know." Ssuuna said. The blast triggered his almost departed instincts as a journalist: In a way it opened his eyes to the miserable situation he was in himself. Now he could clearly see that his life was trapped between false expectations of Europe and too high expectations of his family back home in Uganda. How could he convince his family of the difficult situation that undocumented migrants like him were in, deprived from any rights, protection and opportunities.

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