Waltz with Bashir 2008

Director and Israeli army veteran Ari Folman interviews friends and former soldiers about their memories of the 1982 Lebanon war and especially the Sabra and Shatila massacre in Beirut. The usage on animation enabled Folman to illustrate their personal memories and dreams.

Head Full of Honey 2014

Before eleven years old Tilda's parents can put her beloved grandfather in an old people's home due to his progressing Alzheimer disease, she takes him on one last adventure that subliminally threatens to tear her family apart.

Labyrinth of Lies 2015

A young prosecutor in postwar West Germany investigates a massive conspiracy to cover up the Nazi pasts of prominent public figures.

Seven Dwarfs 2004

The Seven Dwarves live deep within a female-free-zone of the Enchanted Forest, but they cannot resist the innocent charms of Snow White when she enters their world. So when the evil queen abducts her, it is up to the dwarves to save her life.

The Treasure of the Silver Lake 1962

Colonel Brinkley is a criminal who has been with the map of where the treasure is the Silver Lake. Winnetou and Old Shatterhand come again towards goodness, but along the way will encounter enemy tribes they will face.

Love Camp 1977

A group of women are kidnapped by guerrillas and brought to a jungle brothel where they are forced to work as prostitutes for the soldiers. Those who refuse to cooperate are decapitated by the cruel, sadistic wardress of the camp, who is privately interested in some of the women herself.

In the Shadows 2010

"In the Shadows" slithers through underworld Berlin in grand style. En route to a twisty finale, German writer-director Thomas Arslan keeps his audience glued to the increasingly desperate actions of Trojan, a thirtysomething career criminal whose latest job slowly catches up with him.

Six Swedish Girls in a Boarding School 1979

Miss Klein runs a boarding-school. The schoolgirls chloroform a peeping Tom, lock two plumbers in the dormitories, strip for a gamekeeper and tease their sports teacher. The teacher gets carried away in front of the class while giving a demonstartion of sexual positions with the gym teacher. Kerstin gives a sexy turn to their biking through the woods by attaching dildos to their bicycle seats. These move up and down as they pedal.

In the Basement 2014

Filmmaker Ulrich Seidl explores of the dark underside of the human psyche by entering Austrian basements fitted out as private domains for secrets and fetishes.

Germany in Autumn 1978

Germany in Autumn does not have a plot per se: it mixes documentary footage, along with standard movie scenes, to give the audience the mood of Germany during the late 1970s. The movie covers the two-month time period during 1977 when a businessman was kidnapped, and later murdered, by the left-wing terrorists of the RAF-Rote Armee Fraktion (Red Army Faction), also known as the Baader-Meinhof gang.

After Five In The Forest Primeval 1995

Anna, 17 years old, is happy to throw her first big birthday party without her parents, but some of her guests are so stoned that they leave a big chaos and, even worse, destroy the favorite record of Anna's father. After the return of her shocked and angry parents, Anna runs away to Munich with her admirer Simon. They discover the nightlife jungle and get to know some typical urban guys. Meanwhile, Anna's parents get in touch with Simon's and try to find their children. On the way across Munich, they remember their own wild and restless youth…

Kings of the Road 1977

Itinerant projection-equipment repairman Bruno Winter (Rüdiger Vogler) and depressed hitchhiker Robert Lander (Hanns Zischler)--a doctor who has just been through a break-up with his wife and a half-hearted suicide attempt--travel along the Western side of the East-German border in a repair truck, visiting worn-out movie theaters, learning to communicate across their differences. The film features stunning black-and-white cinematography from Robbie Muller and a pensive score from Improved Sound Limited.

Girls in the Night Traffic 1976

Three prostitutes living together in a large apartment and tells stories about their quirky cods. Then tricked into white slavery by the murky Turk Mustafa and taken to a harem in the Middle East! They use their cunning and seduction skills to try to escape.

Alpine Passion 1974

Village elders attempting to upgrade their village status to 'Marktgemeinde' - which for some unexplained reason would resolve their financial difficulties. To achieve this they need to increase the number of village inhabitants...

In the Valley of Death 1968

Mabel Kingsley arrives at a western town to clear her missing father of the charge that he stole a shipment of government gold. A frontiersman known as "Shatterhand" agrees to guide her in a search for the gold and for major Kingsley. They are joined by an army lieutenant, an amateur botanist, and an Apache chief named Winnetou. Despite troubles caused by pursuing bandits and by Winnetou's enemy, a Sioux chief, Mabel's party eventually reaches the "Valley of Death" which holds the answers to the mystery of the missing gold.

Im Netz 2013

In the middle of the night, a special police force storms the bedroom of management consultant Juliane Schubert. Just returned from a business trip to the Middle East, Juliane is questioned after her arrest by the commissioners Theissen and Hindrichs: They should have rented apartments and cars that should serve to prepare a terrorist attack. The evidence is overwhelming. Has anyone gained access to the businesswoman's computer, stolen her virtual identity and used it for criminal purposes?

Kingdom of the Silver Lion 1965

Kara Ben-Nemsi, friends and rescuers set out to free a young relative of the guardian of the treasure of the Chaldaeans (Christian sect), who is captured for that fabulous ransom.

I'm Sorry 2017

Andrea is a seemingly confident comedy writer, wife and mom, who comically exposes her inner immaturity and neuroses through unexpected life situations.

In Face of the Crime 2010

Im Angesicht des Verbrechens is a German television series about the Russian mafia in Berlin. It received high critical acclaim, but the viewer figures were disappointing. It was broadcast by ARTE and Das Erste.

Valley of the Wild Roses 2006

The vast, unspoiled Valley of the Wild Roses, in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, is the scenery for separate stories of Western life, family drama and romance. People arrive, leave, return in search of love(rs), riches, redemption, revenge...

Alphateam – Die Lebensretter im OP 1997

Alphateam – Die Lebensretter im OP was a German hospital drama television series which aired on Sat.1 between 1996 and 2005. The series covered the work of a team of doctors, nurses and caregivers in the fictional Hamburg Hansa Clinic, located in the Altona district.

VeggieTales Im großen Haus 2014

Get ready to love your veggies! The beloved faith-based brand has a fresh new look as Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber and all their Veggie friends venture off the countertop for the first time ever in an all-new television series, available exclusively on Netflix. Every episode also features a brand-new, upbeat silly song as the Veggie crew embarks on new adventures throughout their house. This loveable comedy stays true to the roots of the VeggieTales brand by seamlessly weaving in strong moral messages that will capture the hearts of Veggie lovers of all ages.

K11 – Kommissare im Einsatz 2003

K11 – Kommissare im Einsatz is a pseudo-documentary in the style of a real-life crime drama, which is broadcast on the private channels Sat.1 and Puls 4 and so far consists of nine seasons.

I'm with Her 2003

When everyman Patrick Owen is bitten by the easily-excited puppy of movie star Alexandra Young, he becomes an overnight sensation. His anonymity and privacy go up in the flash of a hundred paparazzi cameras.

Heiter bis tödlich - Morden im Norden 2012

Morden im Norden is a German Police that has been broadcast by Das Erste. The show is set in Lübeck, Germany Morden im Norden is part of a series of commonly branded shows with similar themes called "Heiter bis tödlich".

IM On Demand

IM On Demand is a short segment airing on G-Kaboom.The show is promoting Pakistani Music. Indus Music was a full channel till 2006,when it was replaced by MTV.From then a short segment is available on G-Kaboom

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