Inspiration 1931

The film features the leading actress Greta Garbo as Yvonne, an artist's model. Other stars include Robert Montgomery, Lewis Stone, Marjorie Rambeau and Judith Vosselli. It is a romantic melodrama, portraying a Parisian belle with a past returning to haunt her. The film is the only one where Montgomery played opposite Garbo.

Killer Inspiration 2019

After a series of murders throughout the state, single-mother, Amanda, discovers that she is the muse of the infamous serial killer known as, the "Infinity Killer." Every woman killed looks like her and with every death she is sent a photo as a token of the Infinity Killer's affection for her. But when her son is kidnapped, Amanda must make a decision between asking the handsome and charming FBI agent, Carl Sayres, for help or seeking out the killer on her own. Amanda is forced to play the killer's deadly game in order to save her son. Can she outsmart a killer?

Inspiration 1915

Audrey Munson (a real-life 'perfect' model for numerous Beaux-Arts sculptors) first appeared artistically nude as a sculptor's model, recreating classic artistic (nude) paintings in George Foster Platt's controversial film from the Mutual Film Corporation. In fact, the film told the story of her own life. This film has generally been regarded as the first non-pornographic American film to feature nudity. This was the first known film in which a leading actress stripped down to be naked, making her the first nude film star. (

Inspiration 2016

When a young author returns to her horror roots, terrible things begin to happen around her.

Inspiration 2003

The stimulus for this dissertation on the reason behind the creative impulse is taken verbatim from an author's preface to his book.

The Quest for Inspiration 2012

Born of numerous solitary wanderings through autumnal forests, Alexandre Deschaumes, landscape photographer, has developed his own universe. Guided by the dreamlike and enchanted atmospheres of wild and open nature, he attempts to transform his emotions into a certain form of evocative beauty. While preparing a new expedition to Patagonia, Alexandre must face the torments of nature in his quest for the ethereal image.

Blonde Inspiration 1941

A writer (John Shelton) of pulp Westerns cranks out more words than his editor and publisher (Albert Dekker) want to pay for.

Her Soul's Inspiration 1917

A girl who loves dancing more than anything must prove her identity in order to keep her inheritance. Incomplete copies exist at the National Archives Of Canada and the Library of Congress.

Atmospheres: Nature's Inspiration 2004

A soothing marriage of sound and image, the ATMOSPHERES collection sets mellow, comforting music to beautifully shot footage of natural scenery for a calming experience.

Divine Inspiration and Biblical Inerrancy

The following is not intended to be a comprehensive examination of Christian apologetics. It is a highlight of the most popular apologetic techniques that the author has encountered for explaining errors and problems with the biblical text in order to maintain the belief in biblical inerrancy and divine inspiration. The Bible, comprising both the Old and New Testaments, is the primary religious text for humanity's largest religion. It is the number one bestselling book of all time, having been translated in to virtually every language and distributed to nearly every culture around the world. It is consulted daily by millions of people for inspiration, guidance, comfort and instruction. Many who revere the Bible believe its writings to have been inspired by an omniscient, omnipotent deity, the God of Judaism and Christianity. The words of the Bible are the words of this God. It is without error because the God which inspired the words of the Bible can not err.

A Source of Inspiration

The Washington National Cathedral presents a documentary about the life and times of Hildegard von Bingen

Inspiration 1949

A glass blower imagines that his creations come to life. A story of love contained within a single drop of rain. A voyage into ethereal beauty.

Looking for a Thrill: An Anthology of Inspiration

Looking For a Thrill: An Anthology of Inspiration is a collection of personal stories about defining moments of musical inspiration (a record, a show, a musician, etc.) for 112 musicians who themselves have inspired so many. The interviews on the DVD include recollections by Mike Watt, Thurston Moore, Hamid Drake, Bjork, Yo La Tengo, Tortoise, the Butchies, Jon Spencer, Vic Chesnutt, Kurt Wagner, Fred Anderson and Giant Sand - as well as members of the Urinals, Califone, Jesus Lizard, the Boredoms, Mekons, Slint, the Sea and Cake, and Calexico (to name just a few).

Themes of Inspiration 1938

A short film about the way that Brueghel and other Flemish painters depicted the lives of their countrymen. It won the first prize for documentary at the 1938 Venice Film Festival.

The Last Inspiration 2015

In the middle of uninhabited nature a stranded man Krištof (62) rescues Andrej (23) from the car, who tried to commit suicide. He takes him to the farm, where Andrej slowly comes to himself. Without words, a genuine link between them is attached, which, together with the idyllic environment, again pulls Andrej back into life.

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