Bio-Dome 1996

Bud and Doyle are two losers who are doing nothing with their lives. Both of their girlfriends are actively involved in saving the environment, but the two friends couldn't care less about saving the Earth. One day, when a group of scientists begin a mission to live inside a "Bio-Dome" for a year without outside contact, Bud and Doyle mistakenly become part of the project themselves.

Bio-Cop 2012

A mutated cop deals with existential despair while running down drug dealers in this faux trailer.

Sylvester Stallone Bio. 2005

The second biography already been produced by A&E, which produced a 60 minute biography of Stallone in 2001 has a whole new biography out. With new interviews, never before seen footage and pictures, interviews by Stallone himself detailing his life. Interviews by other actors and friends and family. This 120 minute biography details Stallone the child to Stallone the movie star to finally Stallone the family man, editor and chief of "Sly Magazine" founder and chairmen of Instone, Stallone's vitamin company and his new reality TV series "The Contender" This biography is packed with 2 hours of interviews and retrospectives.

Bio-Dead 2009

After a devastating biological disaster kills twelve million people, a hazmat team searches the contaminated wasteland for survivors. But what they find is a vicious predator hungry for human flesh.

Bio and Bones 1985

An educational children’s animation by Sheila Graber about the workings of the human body. The film features a one celled character called Bio as he guides the viewer on the structure of the skeleton.

Bio-Dad 2009

One of the world's first babies resulting from artificial insemination, Barry Stevens, goes on a complicated quest to find his biological father. His sister Janice joins in the search after a health issue with possible genetic sources. He interviews fertility doctors, gay parents, genealogy experts, and finds many lost siblings.

Bio-graphia 1975

With a title that expresses the connection/disagreement of bios (βίος) = life, and graphi (γραφή) = writing, this film of Rentzis has as a subject “the passage from homo universalis to homo industrialis”. Based on a visual material provided by the collage book of the Basque Chumy Chúmez, the film forms, out of cultural deposits of the industrial era, a novative oneirographic discourse, through the audacious and unprecendeded claim of a combinatorial optimization of collage/montage techno-poetics. Viewing the body as historical ideotype ‘the sublime point of reference, a matrix and a refusal of all signs’, Rentzis, dissects the body of film, makes an inter-parody of historical utopias and certainties and moves between animation and expanded cinema in order to reflect on the broader social, political question of our social coexistence condition, the unity and rupture.

Max Steel Bio crisis 2008

Max has to investigate a polluted jungle, and travels from outer space to the center of the earth in his quest to unveil this mystery.

100% Bio 2003

Claude, a shy young filmmaker wants to make a biopic about a former television host from the 60's-70's Serge Laprade. He agrees to cooperate but when he views footage of himself from his early shows, he becomes bitter. He drops out of the project and disappears.

Bio Woman 1980

A henpecked husband gets a welcomed surprise when he adds too much detergent to the laundry and out pops a beautiful woman made of soap suds.

So Hot Was the Cannon 2014

A grenade fired from a nearby hill kills the parents of a ten year old boy during the siege of Sarajevo in 1992. The Boy looses his ability to speak. A lady neighbor adopts and takes care of him. The Boy is thrown out from his destroyed apartment and begins to prowl around the city with a schoolmate. Too early and too soon, he goes through the process of growing up. He learns the meanings of such words as force, death, sex. He learns how to achieve. He learns about the values. He learns what matters the most. The Lady neighbor that takes care of him tries to shelter him and protect him. Unsuccessfully. The Boy rides to fall. Death and suffering become more frequent, and more severe. When the Lady neighbor's teenage son is killed by a sniper as a collateral damage, she then rejects the Boy. The Boy escapes the siege, and shoots from a cannon at the city.Fifteen years later, the Boy - now twenty five - and the Lady neighbor meet again. They are united in pain and suffering.

Places I Haven't Been to 2010

Composed of archival footage of his friends' travels, the director creates a special view of the spaces he did not physically visit.

Kenedi, Lost and Found 2005

After his participation in filming of “Kenedi Goes Back Home”, Kenedi Hasani decided to illegally go to EU countries where his father, mother, brothers and sisters still are. The documentary recounts Kenedi’s experience of his two-year refugee status.

Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly 1994

Jaga Bada, Mr. Satan's old sparring partner, has invited Satan to his personal island to hold a grudge match. Trunks and Goten decide to come for the adventure and Android #18 is following Satan for the money he owes her. Little do they know that Jaga Bada's scientist have found a way to resurrect Broly, the legendary Super Saiyan.

Bio Hunter 1995

A strange virus known as the Demon Virus, attacks the human genetic code, transforming people into monsters with demonic powers. One particular monster is terrorizing the streets of Tokyo. ripping open young women to devour their livers. A famed psychic holds the secret to the identity and purpose of this monster. Now it is up to two molecular biologists. self-proclaimed Bio Hunters Komada and Koshigaya, to reach the psychic and his beautiful daughter before its too late! The Demon Virus is out to conquer the world.

A.P. Bio 2018

When Harvard philosophy scholar Jack Griffin finds himself teaching high school in Toledo, Ohio, he tosses the syllabus and recruits his students to help enact revenge on his rival.

The Guyver: Bio-Booster Armor 1989

The Guyver: Bio-Booster Armor is a 12 part anime OVA loosely based on Yoshiki Takaya's manga, Bio-Booster Armor Guyver. It was released in Japan from 1989 to 1992. It is the second animated adaptation, following the 1986 OVA Guyver: Out of Control.

Bionic Woman 2007

Bionic Woman is an American science fiction television drama that aired in 2007, which was created by David Eick, under NBC Universal Television Group, GEP Productions, and David Eick Productions. The series was a re-imagining of the original television series, The Bionic Woman, created by Kenneth Johnson, which in turn was based upon the novel Cyborg by Martin Caidin and its TV adaptation The Six Million Dollar Man, retaining its forebears' premise while taking on a more contemporary setting. David Eick also serves as executive producer alongside Laeta Kalogridis and Jason Smilovic. Production of the series was halted due to a strike by the Writers Guild of America causing only eight episodes to be aired. Following its failure to be included in the Fall 2008 schedule it was announced that the series was canceled as the result of low ratings. The series revolved around bartender Jaime Sommers, who is saved from death after receiving experimental medical implants. While adjusting to her new bionic powers and raising a rebellious younger sister, Jaime agrees to work for the Berkut Group, a quasi-governmental private organization that performed her surgery.

Biography 1987

Biography is a documentary television series. It was originally a half-hour filmed series produced for CBS by David Wolper from 1961 to 1964 and hosted by Mike Wallace. The A&E Network later re-ran it and has produced new episodes since 1987. The older version featured historical figures such as Helen Keller and Mark Twain, or long-dead entertainment figures such as Will Rogers or John Barrymore. The A&E series has placed the emphasis on such people as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Plácido Domingo, Freddie Mercury, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Eric Clapton, Pope John Paul II, Gene Tierney, Selena, Diego Rivera, Mao Zedong and Queen Elizabeth II, and fictional characters like The Phantom, Superman, Hamlet, Betty Boop, and Santa Claus. The program ended up profiling enough figures that in 1999, A&E spun it off into an entire network, The Biography Channel. Initially, most of the episodes featured the life stories of historical figures or present political or social leaders. People such as William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Enrico Caruso, and Eva Peron were profiled. After a few years, however, the show began producing episodes on figures from pop culture, including Britney Spears, Al Pacino, Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson. This move away from purely intellectual subject matter has been criticized by some.

Bionic Six 1992

Bionic Six is an American/Japanese animated television series The title characters of the series are a family of machine-enhanced human beings possessing unique powers after being augmented with bionic technology, much like The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. Each family member is given specific bionic powers, and thus they form a superhero team named Bionic Six.

Jushin Liger 1989

Jushin Liger is an anime superhero TV series created by Go Nagai. Produced by Sunrise Inc. with cooperation of Dynamic Planning, the series was originally broadcast on Nagoya Broadcasting Network /TV Asahi from March 11, 1989 to January 27, 1990 with a total of 43 episodes. A manga series, written and drawn by Go Nagai, was also released alongside the anime, originally published by Kodansha in the magazine Comic Bom Bom from March 1989 to January 1990. This anime series inspired the real-life pro-wrestler, Jushin "Thunder" Liger. The opening theme "Ikari no Jushin", which was performed by Yumi Hiroki, is also wrestler Jushin "Thunder" Liger's theme song. The song "Kiseki no Jushin" was also used by Liger on occasion.

Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor 2005

Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor is a Japanese anime series based on the long-running manga series, Bio Booster Armor Guyver, written by Yoshiki Takaya, adapting chapters 1 - 59 of the manga. The production was in association with ADV Films and Kadokawa Shoten. The series first episode aired in Japan on August 6, 2005 and the last episode aired on February 18, 2006. The series aired in North America on December 20, 2010, on the FUNimation Channel.

Super-Electron Bioman 1984

Choudenshi Bioman is Toei Company's eighth installment in the Super Sentai series. Its 51 episodes aired on TV Asahi from February 4, 1984 to January 26, 1985 with a movie being released during the show's initial run. The international English title is listed by Toei as Bioman.

The Story of Ming Lan 2018

The Story of Ming Lan, based on the novel written by Guan Xin Ze Luan, follows our heroine through her youth, into her adulthood, and well into her marriage life as well. She’s the 6th child of the Sheng household. Though she is an intelligent and beautiful child, she was not loved by her family (her dad, her sisters, her mom dies early.) She has to hide her intelligence and suffers through the years, hoping to avenge for her mom. During this process she will meet many friends and foes, one of which is our male lead, Gu’s second son, Gu Ting Ye. He has helped and mistreated her before, but also the one to witness her sharp wits and lonely soul. After they get married, they will work together as a power couple, managing the new King’s regime as well as harvesting a world of happiness on their own.

Super Beast Squadron Liveman 1988

Choujuu Sentai Liveman is the twelfth entry of Toei Company's Super Sentai television series. The last Super Sentai title of the Shōwa period, it aired on TV Asahi from February 27, 1988 to February 18, 1989. Its international English title as listed by Toei is simply Liveman. The series was broadcast in France as Bioman 3, being marketed as the direct sequels to Choudenshi Bioman and Bioman 2. Academia Island is an elite school that various genius students from across the globe attend. Among them are Yusuke Amamiya, Joh Ohara, Megumi Misaki, who with Takuji Yano, and Mari Aikawa sought to create a suit strong enough for space exploration. However, three of their classmates and dear friends, Kenji Tsukigata, Rui Senda, and Goh Omura, felt their talents are being wasted and leave to join an evil organization called Volt where offers them to raise their full scientific potential. As a result, when Yusuke and company saw them leaving, Kenji draws a gun on the three with Takuji and Mari taking the fatal blow. Soon after, one of the professors at the school, Professor Hoshi, pitches in to help Yusuke and his friends complete the suits so they can serve to prepare against Volt. And then in 1988, the present day, with that Kenji, Rui, and Gou now known as Doctors Kemp, Mazenda, and Obular, Volt begins its attack by devastating Academia Island. As a result, Yusuke, Joh, and Megumi take up the suits they created and become the Livemen to battle against their former classmates and Volt. Though they managed to get Goh to leave Volt, the organization recruits new members in Doctor Ashura and the aliens Guildos and Butchy. Soon after, the Livemen are joined by Tetsuya and Jun-ichi, the respective younger brothers of Takuji and Mari, while learning that there is a darker agenda behind Volt that only its leader Bias knows.

Dynomutt, Dog Wonder 1976

Dynomutt, Dog Wonder is an American animated television series produced for Saturday mornings by Hanna-Barbera Productions. The show centers around a Batman-esque super hero, the Blue Falcon, and his assistant, bumbling yet generally effective robot dog Dynomutt, who can produce a seemingly infinite number of mechanical devices from his body. As with many other animated super-heroes of the era, no origins for the characters are ever provided. Dynomutt was originally broadcast as a half-hour segment of The Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour and its later expanded forms Scooby's All-Star Laff-a-Lympics and Scooby's All-Stars; it would later be rerun and syndicated on its own from 1978 on. The cast of The Scooby-Doo Show appeared as a recurring characters on Dynomutt, assisting the Daring Duo in cracking their crimes. Originally distributed by Hanna-Barbera's then-parent company Taft Broadcasting, Warner Bros. Television currently holds the television distribution to the series. Between January 2 and March 9, 2008, repeats of Dynomutt, Dog Wonder were shown on Boomerang. On June 4, 2009, Dynomutt, Dog Wonder returned to Boomerang and airs Thursdays through Sundays at 10am Eastern.

Gadget Boy & Heather 1995

Gadget Boy & Heather is an animated television series from DIC Entertainment. The series debuted in 1995 in first-run syndication in the United States and on M6 in France. This series is about "Gadget Boy", a bionic kid-detective with a personality similar to that of Inspector Gadget. He was conceived as a bionic "child" with the personality of a "perfect adult detective". Just as maladroit as the original Inspector Gadget, Gadget Boy was usually bailed out of situations by the more practical Heather, though he was also helped greatly by his myriad high-tech gadgets and extendable arms and legs. Gadget Boy's bionic implants were installed by Switzerland-based inventor Myron Dabble who has an unrequited crush on Heather. Gadget Boy and Heather receive their assignments from Italy-based Chief Stromboli, who, much like Chief Quimby, is a frequent, long-suffering victim of Gadget Boy's bungling. Gadget Boy is assisted by the beautiful and resourceful agent Heather, a very tall equivalent of sorts to Penny. He is also assisted by a robotic dog named G-9, who serves as the "Brain" of this series, which shows through his morphing capabilities to get the gang out of the stickiest situations.

Step by Step 1991

Step by Step is an American television sitcom with two single parents, who spontaneously get married after meeting one other during a vacation, resulting in them becoming the heads of a large blended family

Light Squadron Maskman 1987

Commander Sugata discovered the existence of the Royal Underground Empire Tube, a malignant force that desires to dominate the land, which is based underneath Japan. He recruits five young people, each one specializing in a style of martial arts, and teaches them in the ways of the mystical "Aura Power" energy. A year after he recruited and trained the Maskmen, Tube is ready to strike.

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