Janda Pai Kapiraju 2015

Arvind who came to the city from a rural area, is a naive employee in a company. He cannot tolerate corruption, bribery, breaking rules, lavishness and the urban culture of youth in cities. He is caught by traffic police for a minor mistake though not of his own. Although he has all documents with him, he is asked a bribe by traffic policeman. When he refuses to pay the bribe, a complaint is booked against him and he is sentenced by the court, even though he complains about the bribe. Finally he does a sting operation with 2 of his friends and 10 honest employees in various government offices by applying for identy cards like PAN card, voter card, ration card for an anonymous person.

Janda Meletup 1990

Rosnah, a young widow stays in a village with her uncle and aunt. Kamil is attracted to Rosnah and tries to woo her but to no avail. He decides to seek the help of a witchdoctor and it turns out to be succesful. Samad from Kuala Lumpur comes to the village to look for a maid and meets Rosnah who agrees to work for him. Kamil is dissapointed and goes to Kuala Lumpur to see Rosnah. He looks for a job and is determined to marry Rosnah. One day Samad is kidnapped and a ransom is demanded from his wife, Rosnah and Kamil manage to rescue Samad and apprehend the kidnappers.

Nine Flirtatious Widows 1977

Murni (Susanna Caecilia) divorces her husband and travels to Jakarta, where she moves in with eight widows with modeling aspirations.

X: Janda-Jandaku Gangster 2012

5 ex-wife. One true love. Are you brave enough? Hafiz was a man who believed in love, but unlucky in love. In early adolescence before, he was arrested wet that he was forced into marriage with a woman who berperwatakan tomboy. Although there is no love, there are similarities in their Hafiz makes life happy.

Alien Janda Baik 2016

Three aliens use the dead body of the human to adjust to the Earth's condition so that they are able to find a way back.

Mystery of the Merry Widow 1991

A girl returns from the dead as a penanggalan (a detached female head capable of flying about on its own) to gain her revenge on a gang of thugs that raped and murdered her.

Darah Janda Kolong Wewe 2009

Gono, an ugly guy, has excessive self-confidence, so he pursues Trio Macan, the star of the dangdut stage. As a result he is beaten by Oma Susie's bouncers, the manager of Trio Macan. Then Gono seeks the aid of Ki Riman Banyu, a powerful shaman. Then he receives Tali Kolor Kolongwewe, a charm used to conquer women. As a result, he turns into a dashing and handsome young man. But due to his carelessness, Gono breaks a taboo and falls into a pile of women's underwear. Now, he has to face the consequence of Kolongwewe’s terror!

Pelukan Janda Hantu Gerondong 2011

Kylie (Indah Kalalo), a famous director. He lives with his fiance, Robby (Andreano Phillip), in an apartment in Jakarta. For the latest film specifically invited by the artist who is also the theme of Kuala Lumpur, Jenna (Aida Saskia). He was inspired by a favorite TV series that he watched every day. The series tells of a famous artist Patty (Angel Lelga) and her lover, Rocky and their best friend, Joena (Lia Ladysta, Trio Tigers). Unfortunately on the first night of Patty-Rocky wedding there was a bloody tragedy. Patty and the rest of the house were slaughtered, killed very cruelly. The only one who lives is Tommy, Patty's sister. But as a result he was accused of murder. Kylie didn't realize what had happened in her daily life had been described in the series. One by one the events leading several open facts make a mystery that must be solved. Tante Rose, long-time apartment resident, had warned Robby that he must be careful.

Mati Muda di Pelukan Janda 2011

Rahmat, high school graduates but he unable to continue his studies at college because he has no money. Since the age of seven she orphaned and raised by the Mba Bunga aka Mas Bambang Mawar salon owner. Although living with a sissy but Rahmat grow into a real man, smart, pious and dutiful. Mawar saloon is infront of Ratih house, a young widow who is two years left by her husband death. Rahmat Secretly fall in love with Ratih. Yet other widow who lived in the area, Mpok Sari, has crush with Rahmat. She even always sent food to the Mawar salon and tells to every body that she is Rahmat’s wife, but Rahmat always politely declined her. So much jealous, mpok Sari says bad things about Ratih so people will hate her. Ratih tried to deny any bad news about her yet she has no the strength to defend herself.

The Gendarme of St. Tropez 1964

The ambitious police officer Cruchot (Louis de Funès) is transferred to St. Tropez. He's struggling with crimes such as persistent nude swimming, but even more with his teenage daughter, who's trying to impress her rich friends by telling them her father was a millionaire and owned a yacht in the harbor.

Jandar 2019

Asma's previous suitor Yaser ruins her wedding Ceremony. Her brother Jamal accidentally kills Yaser's brother. Yaser's odd suggestion in order to forgive Jamal, endangers Asma's Marriage.

The Gendarme in New York 1965

The second installment of Gendarmes series, tells the story of Sergeant Cruchot (Louis De Funes), who, together with his faithful comrades, has been sent to the International Congress of Gendarmerie in N.Y.

The Gendarme and the Creatures from Outer Space 1979

The bungling inspector Cruchot (Funès) finds himself trying to save the residents of St. Tropez from some oil-drinking humanoid aliens. The only way to tell the aliens from the real people, besides their constant thirst for oil-products, is that they sound like empty garbage cans when you touch them. Chaos is ahead.

Jandamarra's War 2011

In Jandamarra's War, we learn how in the 1890's the European colonialists arrive in the Kimberley with vast herds of sheep and cattle, determined to make their fortune by feeding a rapidly growing population in the South. But the settlers soon discover they are in land populated with indigenous tribes, ready to fight the red-faced invaders.

Ku Tunggu Jandamu 2008

Persik Wulandari wants to divorce her husband, Rozak, who is already married. The divorce is granted by the court, and everyone is happy as Persik is the town’s beauty whom many men still desire. They all try to win Persik’s heart and marry her. Rozak also does the same as he is willing to divorce his first wife but Persik rejects him. Persik’s widowed older sister, Cherry, has been having a relationship with a university student, Aldo, but the relationship ends. Aldo’s mother is Rahma, and they make a living by renting out a boarding house. The inhabitants of the boarding house are Aldi, Sinyo and Iwan. Persik, who has no place to live, goes to stay at Cherry’s house.

Jane the Virgin 2014

A comedy-drama following a chaste young woman who is accidentally impregnated via artificial insemination as she struggles to inform her devoutly religious family and make the right choices concerning the child. Based on the telenovela "Juana la virgen."

Jandamarra's War

This is the story of an Indigenous man who should be as famous as Ned Kelly. In 1894, Jandamarra led a rebellion against invading pastoralists in defence of his people's ancient land and culture.

Jandals Away

Jandals Away is a New Zealand comedy series that follows the Ofa family, who rescue people in return for free satellite TV to watch Warriors games. With a secret base on the tiny island of A'a'a, they call themselves The A'a'a Rescue Organisation or T.A.R.O.

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