Private Bom 1948

The station-master Fabian Bom is a very meticulous person, and he makes sure that the trains leaves exactly - on the second. To him, nothing could be more important than duty, efficiency and punctuality, in fact, his sense of duty is clearly perverted. His beloved Plum-Plum, the major's daughter, is infatuated with army officers. To regain her attention, he joins the infantry. Bom becomes a soldier who loves the military training, long marches as well as hard labour as punishment. He meets Agnes, who falls madly in love with him. Plot by Mattias Thuresson.

Spring, Spring 1969

Chun-sam is working as a servant at Bong-pil's home to be his future son in-law. His daughter, Jeom-sun has grown enough to get wed. But her father thinks she is too young. But in reality he doesn't want to set her daughter with Chun-sam to begin with. Jeom-sun finds out, and picks up a fight with her father. When Chun-sam decides to play hard on his master, Jeom-sun takes Chun-sam's side.

Pepi, Luci, Bom 1980

Almodovar's first film of life in Madrid during the punk era and not one for the squeamish. He covers everything from drugs and sexual violence, to female masochism.

Flyg-Bom 1952

The meticulous Fabin Bom is called up for military service in the airforce.

Bom 2012

Malana, a remote village in the Himalayas, isolated from outside civilization for thousands of years has been fostering a primitive existence in harmony with nature and a unique model of democracy of consensus. They have also been producing some of the best quality hashish in the world. A real life story of transition, this ancient civilization being invaded and obliterated by the modern democracy. Narrated in an epic structure, a visual essay from the edge of the world with a message of trust, peace and eternal unity.

Ole Aleksander Filibom-bom-bom 1998

Ole Aleksander leker i gangen, og forstyrrer mor som vasker ved å ringe på døren. Han får sin egen nøkkel, men det byr bare på flere forviklinger. Forteller: Anne-Cath. Vestly.

Tull-Bom 1951

Bureacratic customs officer searching for a missing girl.

Algo de Bom 2010

A short film centered around the concept "Life's Good."

Private Fabian Bom

A comic dream team takes on the stage version of Soldat Fabian Bom, the film classic who turns 70 in 2018. Jojje Jönsson takes on the role of Nils Poppe's cult-declared figure, Fabian Bom, one of the most loving personalities of the century. With his incredible sense of duty, exuberant mood and crazy antics, he takes the stage.

Bom Bali

Drama documentary about the 2002 Bali night club bombings, with contributions from survivors, rescuers and the bombers themselves.

Pappa Bom 1949

Fabian Bom, auctionist in a small town, one day finds a baby boy in a small crib that is for sale at an auction. He places the boy at an orphanage but returns the next day since he realizes that he misses the boy. Since a single man is not permitted to adopt a baby he arranges a marriage with a young woman, who really is the baby's mother. Plot by Mattias Thuresson.

Bom Povo Português 1981

Using film and television footage taken during the revolutionary movement of April 25, 1974 in Portugal, and mixing it with music and live interviews with common people, the director conveys a vivid account of the period in which a military coup evolved to a socialist revolution, then was tempered into a formal european style democracy. - IMDb

O Bom Marido 1978

Couple spend more than they can afford. In financial trouble, the husband Alfredinho devises a strange kind of business, for foreign executives, in which the product is his own wife Malu. They succeed, and soon other couples start doing the same thing, establishing the competition.

I'll Be Back 1957

A war disabled lieutenant colonel, who did not make it in the society, after many years of loneliness meets happy woman who loved him in the past, and not forgotten him despite the fact that she married meanwhile.

The Good Place 2016

Eleanor Shellstrop, an ordinary woman who, through an extraordinary string of events, enters the afterlife where she comes to realize that she hasn't been a very good person. With the help of her wise afterlife mentor, she's determined to shed her old way of living and discover the awesome (or at least the pretty good) person within.

The Good Doctor 2017

A young surgeon with Savant syndrome is recruited into the surgical unit of a prestigious hospital. The question will arise: can a person who doesn't have the ability to relate to people actually save their lives?

Good Doctor 2018

Minato Shindo has savant syndrome. His memory is amazing, but he has difficulty communicating with other people. When Minato was little, he dreamed of becoming a doctor. He met Doctor Akira Shiga and he wanted to become a pediatric surgeon. Akira was surprised by the 7-year-old's memory of the human organs and he decided to support Minato in achieving his dream. Eventually, Minato graduated from medical school and passed the national exam for medical practitioners. Now, Akira works as a director at a large hospital. He suggests to Minato to work in the pediatric surgery department at the hospital where he works.

Sacred Games 2018

A link in their pasts leads an honest cop to a fugitive gang boss, whose cryptic warning spurs the officer on a quest to save Mumbai from cataclysm.

Good Morning, Miami 2002

A talented young TV producer arrives in Miami to revamp the lowest-rated morning show in the country. Jake Silver risks taking the job when he sets eyes on the show's beautiful, down-to-earth hair stylist Dylan, who wows him like nobody before – and presents a romantic challenge.

Bombers 2019

A fast paced, high-octane sports drama full of football action and dynamic interpersonal relationships. The story resonates with the triumph of the human spirit and the passion one possesses.

One Spring Night 2019

When Lee Jeong-in and Yu Ji-ho meet, something unexpected happens. Or it just may be that spring is in the air -- and anything is possible.

Bomb Girls 2012

Focusing on a group of women working in a munitions plant during World War II, this ensemble drama depicts the dangers and new experiences they face.

Longing for Spring 2014

Mal Ja who is a part-time worker at a PR company loves all living creatures, but she has experienced a trauma with horses.

Cat Planet Cuties 2010

Nice guy Kio’s normal life gets turned upside down when he meets a friendly, sexy cat-alien named Eris. She’s on a peaceful mission—and she’s ready to play. Things get even friskier when her fellow felines set up base in Kio’s house. It’s not all fun and games, though. Danger is afoot, thanks to several secret agencies and enemy dog-aliens on Eris’s tail.

X-Bomber 1980

X Bomber is a marionette tokusatsu TV series. It was created by manga master Go Nagai, and produced by Cosmo Productions and Jin Productions. The show aired on Fuji TV from October 4, 1980 to March 28, 1981, with a total of 26 episodes, and was billed in Japan as being filmed in "Sūpāmariorama", a puppeteering process similar to Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation works.

Bomb Bee Men 2008

A poor college student is so deep in debt that his desired job offer could be at stake! To get his money back, he plays the money-lender’s game.

Johnny and the Bomb 2006

Johnny Maxwell stumbles upon a time machine when he helps an old woman, but little does he know that his journeys back to 1941 cause a chain of events which alter history. Johnny and his friends must go back in time to reverse the changes and save his own existence.

Time Bomb

Time Bomb is a 2006 television movie starring David Arquette, by CBS Television.

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