Gimme Shelter 1970

The landmark documentary about the tragically ill-fated Rolling Stones free concert at Altamont Speedway on December 6, 1969. Only four months earlier, Woodstock defined the Love Generation; now it lay in ruins on a desolate racetrack six miles outside of San Francisco.

Gimme Shelter 2013

After running away from her abusive mother, a streetwise teen seeks refuge with her father, but he rejects her when he learns that she's pregnant.

Gimme Danger 2016

No other band in rock'n'roll history has rivaled The Stooges' combination of heavy primal throb, spiked psychedelia, blues-a-billy grind, complete with succinct angst-ridden lyrics, and a snarling, preening leopard of a frontman who somehow embodies Nijinsky, Bruce Lee, Harpo Marx, and Arthur Rimbaud all rolled into one. There is no precedent for The Stooges, while those inspired by them are now legion. The film will present the context of their emergence musically, culturally, politically, historically, and relate their adventures and misadventures while charting their inspirations and the reasons behind their initial commercial challenges, as well as their long-lasting legacy.

Motherland 2019

Shortly after the fall of the iron curtain, 12-year-old Kovas, travels to his mother, Viktorija’s homeland for the frst time. It has been 20 years since Viktorija escaped the USSR and has now returned to reclaim her beloved family estate.

Gimmick 2019

A happy-go-lucky poor guy Gani falls in love with wrestler Raani, who hails from a rich family. Raani's father tries every trick in the book to separate Raani and Gani. When nothing works, he comes up with a plan that he is sure will not let him down.

Gimme the Loot 2013

Malcolm and Sofia, two determined teens from the Bronx, are the ultimate graffiti-writers. When a rival gang buffs their latest masterpiece, they must hatch a plan to get revenge by tagging an iconic NYC landmark, but they need to raise $500 to pull off their spectacular scheme. Over the course of two whirlwind, sun-soaked summer days, Malcolm and Sofia travel on an epic urban adventure involving black market spray cans, illicit bodegas, stolen sneakers, a high stakes heist, and a beautiful, stoned girl whose necklace is literally their key to becoming the biggest writers in the City.

The Gymnast 2006

The stunning Dreya Weber stars as a former top gymnast who discovers love and a new life path when she teams up with a dancer (played by former L.A. Lakers cheerleader Addie Yungmee) for an ambitious Las Vegas aerial act show.

Dirty Deeds 2005

An American Pie-like teen comedy in which a high school senior tries to become the first student in years to complete the Dirty Deeds, an outrageous series of challenges that must be completed by the Homecoming banquet at 9 a.m.

Butterfly Sword 1993

Dynamo Michelle Khan stars as a loyalist who attempts to keep the King's empire from being overthrown by a revolutionary group. Top fight action.

Gimme Gimme 2001

Lobo and Skid are very close friends. They study in the same class and often play in a band and play skateboards with their classmates. Soda, one of their classmates, has many girlfriends concurrently, and Suki is his closest girlfriend. Fion is other classmate. She is addicted to chat in phone with friends and strangers every day. She always thinks she will find a true love from playing line.

Tales from the Gimli Hospital 1988

While their mother is dying in the modern Gimli, Manitoba hospital, two young children are told an important tale by their Icelandic grandmother about Ainar the lonely, his friend Gunnar, and the angelic Snjofrieder in a Gimli of old.

The Gimli Glider

The Gimli Glider features studio interviews with the pilot Captain Bob Pearson, co-pilot Maurice Quintal, flight attendant Robert Desjardins, eye-witness Kerry Seabrook, and the General Director of the Federal inquiry Claudette Plouffe. Thirty years after the Gimli Glider incident, they recount the extraordinary flight and share what it felt like to have their professional abilities questioned in public. In spite of all the doubts, they knew they always had the unwavering support of the people of Gimli.

Gimme the Power 2012

A rock documentary, about the Mexican band Molotov, that focuses more in the political and musical context of Mexico rather than in the actual story of the band.

Gimme an 'F' 1984

Can a squad of misfit cheerleaders with an over-age trainer possibly win the big cheerleading competition.

Gimlet 1995

Julia runs a trendy bar in Barcelona. She treats men with caution, believing one can love too much and invite pain. She's been dating Pablo, one of her waiters. After his grisly murder (his heart is cut out), she receives anonymous messages and video tapes from a man who says he is in love with her. Another murder follows, the police give her 24-hour protection, and Pablo's replacement at the bar, the virile Antonio, seems to be attracted to her. As Julia's stalker closes in, she's on the verge of a nervous breakdown, then becomes almost serene. Leading the investigation is a police comisario who's eyes are covered as he awaits the completion of treatment. Will we see the murderer?

Gimme Kudos 2005

Old-fashioned, middle-aged Yang Hongqi claims that on a rainy night he saved a university coed from the threat of sexual violence on the outer limits of Nanjing city. He soon begs Gu Guoge, a superstar reporter at Nanjing Newspaper, for public kudos in the press. At first Gu ignores the absurd request, but pushed by Yang's desperate and tenacious attitude Gu begins to look at verifying the case. Finally he finds the victim, Ouyang Hua but no witness. Later, it is revealed why Yang strives so desperately to publicize his heroics: extolled as a model of a national laborer, his father has lived with many medals and commendations on the wall of his hometown and wants to hang Yang's commendation on the wall before his death.

Hot Gimmick: Girl Meets Boy 2019

Hatsumi Narita (Miona Hori) is an ordinary high school student. She lives with her nice older brother Shinogu (Shotaro Mamiya), bright younger sister Akane and her parents at a company apartment complex. One day, she lets Ryoki Tachibana (Hiroya Shimizu), who lives in the same apartment building as her, take advantage of her weak point. Since then, she is blackmailed by Ryoki Tachibana into abiding by his wish. Hatsumi Narita's childhood friend Azusa Odagiri (Mizuki Itagaki) moves back to into her neighborhood. Azusa is now a popular model and he seems to care about Hatsumi Narita just like when they were kids. Hatsumi is attracted to Azusa Odagiri. Even though Ryoki Tachibana tries to interfere, Hatsumi Narita and Azusa Odagiri begin to date. Hatsumi Narita is happy, but Azusa Odagiri has secret motives.

Gimme Some Respect 2011

Young Siiri is starting her life on her own. She wants to be independent and live a normal life, although she is mentally handicapped. She begins to make true of her dreams, where she has a real working place and she hopes to find also a husband.

Gimme Gimme Gimme 1999

Linda La Hughes (Kathy Burke) shares a flat with Tom Farrell (James Dreyfus). Linda is overweight, loudmouthed and not particularly attractive. She thinks she's gorgeous and irrestible, however. She's also sex mad and obsessed with men. Tom is an aspiring actor. He's got an agent, but finds it difficult to get parts. He doesn't like Linda much, in spite of (or perhaps because of) the fact that they share a flat. She isn't completely comfortable with his homosexuality, perhaps because she finds it difficult to live with a man who doesn't find her sexually attractive.

Gimme a Break! 1981

Gimme a Break! is an American sitcom which aired on NBC for six seasons, October 29, 1981, until May 12, 1987. The series stars Nell Carter as the housekeeper for a widowed police chief and his three daughters.

The Great Merchant 2010

This drama is based on a real life figure Kim Man-deuk who was living in Jeju Island. She goes through a lot of changes in her life; at first she becomes a Gisaeng but turned herself into a merchant, and then becomes one of the biggest philanthropists in Joseon Dynasty. Man-deuk gets adopted by Granny at a young age. With great efforts, she becomes a Gisaeng who has outstanding talents in various areas. However, she gives up everything and runs away with her lover Jeong Hong-soo. She gets caught and sends to the transitory wards for epidemics for one year. When she came out from the wards, she starts to take care of the Gisaengs who are suffering from illness. Man-deuk goes into a business and restores the business ethics in Jeju. Meanwhile, Moon-sun, who used to be a friend of Man-deuk, feels a sense of inferiority and competes with Man-deuk’s business.

Family Guy 1999

Sick, twisted, politically incorrect and Freakin' Sweet animated series featuring the adventures of the dysfunctional Griffin family. Bumbling Peter and long-suffering Lois have three kids. Stewie (a brilliant but sadistic baby bent on killing his mother and taking over the world), Meg (the oldest, and is the most unpopular girl in town) and Chris (the middle kid, he's not very bright but has a passion for movies). The final member of the family is Brian - a talking dog and much more than a pet, he keeps Stewie in check whilst sipping Martinis and sorting through his own life issues.


Gimik was a Filipino teen drama series aired and produced by ABS-CBN. The series aired from June 15, 1996 until February 13, 1999. Reruns will air on November 19, 2011 on its International Channel Cinema One Global Saturdays part of its new revamped channel.

Gimme 5

Gimme 5 was a children's television programme broadcast on Saturday mornings on ITV from 1992 to 1994. The programme was a live two-hour show which included live guests, cartoons, competitions and games. For series 1, it was presented by Jenny Powell, Lewis MacLeod, Matthew Davies, and Nobby the Sheep. For series 2, Paul Leyshon replaced Lewis MacLeod. The programme was produced for three series by Tyne Tees Television from Studio 5, at their City Road studios.

One Tree Hill 2003

Set in the fictional small town of Tree Hill, North Carolina, this teen-driven drama tells the story of two half brothers, who share a last name and nothing else. Brooding, blue-collar Lucas is a talented street-side basketball player, but his skills are appreciated only by his friends at the river court. Popular, affluent Nathan basks in the hero-worship of the town, as the star of his high school team. And both boys are the son of former college ball player, Dan Scott, whose long ago choice to abandon Lucas and his mother Karen, will haunt him long into his life with wife Deb, and their son Nathan. Until now, Dan has managed to keep his two sons far from each other. But the past and present collide sharply when Tree Hill's basketball coach recruits Lucas for his team, much to the chagrin of Nathan and Daddy Dan. And the siblings natural rivalry only intensifies when they set their sights on the same girl, Peyton Sawyer. The residue of the past lingers far into the future for the residents of Tree Hill, even as a new generation is rising. Tree Hill follows the lives and loves of these two brothers, their friends and their family as they navigate high school, marriage, and finally... adulthood.

King Gimp

King Gimp is a 1999 documentary that was awarded the 2000 Academy Award for Best Short Subject Documentary and 2000 Peabody Award. "King Gimp" followed the life of artist Dan Keplinger of Towson, Maryland, who has cerebral palsy. Filmmakers Susan Hannah Hadary and William A. Whiteford, of the University of Maryland Video Press and Tapestry International Productions produced the film.

Gimik 2010

Gimik 2010 is a television series on ABS-CBN broadcast as part of Your Song weekly series. It is a reintroduction of the 90’s series Gimik.

Gimme Sugar 2008

Gimme Sugar is a lesbian reality show following five lesbian and bisexual women as they attempt to launch a ladies club night in Los Angeles. It airs on the Logo Network. One of the writers, Michaline Babich, was named one of 10 Amazing Gay Women in Showbiz from POWER UP in 2008. The main cast members are Charlene Borja, Bathilda Hsu, Davonee Sou, and Alex Thomopoulos. Alex is the only bisexual woman out of the five. The show started in the summer of 2008 with six half-hour episodes.

Gimme a Break 2008

Gimme a Break is a British children's television game show. Three series have been made and were first aired on the CBBC Channel in 2008 and 2009. It has been presented by Jake Humphrey, Kirsten O'Brien and Joe Swash.

My Gimpy Life 2012

The awkward adventures of a driven actress trying to navigate Hollywood in a wheelchair.

Susana Giménez 1987

Susana Giménez, often shortened to SG, is an Argentine television talk show that has run nationally since 1987. Owned and hosted by its namesake, Susana Giménez, it remains one of the highest-rated TV shows in Argentine television history. Due to the popularity of the show, Giménez is usually compared to Oprah Winfrey. The TV show is one of the most successful in Latin America. The TV show is the only one in Latin America to receive dozens of international stars of Hollywood and Europe. Inspired by Pronto, Rafaella, hosted by Rafaella Carrá, the show was originally called Hola Susana and then Hola Susana, te estamos llamando. It has combined interviews, sketch comedy, games and live musical performances. Giménez has received national and international stars in what is known as her "living". In 1998 the show entered Guinness World Records because of all the letters Giménez received in her show, 32 million in total. Furthermore, during the first years of the show, telephone lines collapsed. Susana Giménez is one of the longest-running television talk shows in Argentine history. The show has received 21 Martín Fierro Awards, including the Golden Martín Fierro and Platinum Martín Fierro.

King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo 2010

King of Baking, Kim Takgu, is a 2010 South Korean drama television, starring Yoon Shi-yoon, Eugene, Joo Won and Lee Young-ah. It tells the story of how a determined young baker overcomes many trials towards his goal of becoming the best baker in Korea. This story takes place in the 1970s to 1990s, starting after his conception and finishing when he reaches his mid-20s. It aired on Korean Broadcasting System from June 9 to September 16, 2010 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 30 episodes. The series is considered the breakout role of lead actor Yoon Si Yoon catapulting him to immense popularity as well as receiving much praise for his sincere acting. The series was one of the most watched shows in South Korea in 2010, with a final episode viewership rating of 50.8% becoming the 25th highest rated drama of all time.

Summer Heights High 2007

Exploring what happens over one school term in an average Australian high school, this mockumentary brings to life Jonah, a 13 year old mischievous schoolboy from Tonga with the odds stacked against him; Mr G, an ego-driven drama teacher with delusional showbiz dreams; and Ja’mie, a bitchy private schoolgirl on a student exchange, set to make her mark on Summer Heights High.

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