Who is KK Downey 2008

The plot revolves around two hipster friends who pretend to be a writer with a troubled past in their quest for fame.

KK 2013

A film about young love and the first confusing steps towards a sexual identity.

Busking in Dublin with KK Lewis

Rising singer-songwriter KK Lewis is brand new to Dublin's vibrant busking scene and talks us through her experiences over her first three months singing on Grafton Street.

Comment j’ai mangé du pain K.K 1915

A Parisian bourgeois, reading in his morning paper, the recipe for bread K.K (the German kartoffelkriesggbrot based on potato flour), convinced of its nutritional qualities, asks his baker to make one. Dubitatif, the craftsman nevertheless executes himself and delivers to him the bread in question, the ingestion of which causes in our audacious gastronome atrocious stomach sufferings. To console him, the baker gave him a good French bread that evening.

Aa Bb Kk 2018

Jani is branded as a curse by the society after her mother dies while giving birth, which makes it a struggle for her and her brother to survive in their day-to-day life.

Kadaram Kondan 2019

The pregnant wife of a young doctor is kidnapped and the kidnappers want him to help free a patient who is admitted in the hospital. Who is the patient? And why are the cops and criminals after him?

A Hard Day 2016

On the way to his mother’s funeral, a detective accidentally hits a person with his car. He takes the body with him and puts it into his mother’s coffin. The moment he feels relieved, he receives a call. This caller insists that he saw the detective’s hit-and-run, but instead of asking for money, he wants to know about the body’s whereabouts, leading to a do-or-die showdown of the witness and detective.

BlacKkKlansman 2018

Colorado Springs, late 1970s. Ron Stallworth, an African American police officer, and Flip Zimmerman, his Jewish colleague, run an undercover operation to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan.

The Puppet 2013

A jaded psychiatrist sees a client who is having hallucinations. He uses hypnotism to seek answers into her dark past, but soon gets wrapped up in her delusions and starts to fall for her charms...

A Barefoot Dream 2011

After a series of pipe dream ventures go belly up, retired pro soccer player Kim Won-kang happens to visit East Timor, where he finds children playing the game barefoot on rocky pitches. Sensing a new business opportunity on finding the country doesn't have a single sporting goods store, he embarks on a scheme to get rich quick by purveying athletic shoes to the unshod youngsters. Sadly, no one there can afford to pay $60 for a pair of shoes, even on a generous installment plan, and before he knows it, he is reduced to coaching a team of ragged 10-year-olds and prospects are looking grim. Written by Palm Springs Internation Film Festival

Thorn 2016

Jin-goo is tall and handsome. Sam-bong is short and ugly. The two go to the same university and live in a rooftop house in the country. One day, Jin-goo meets Se-ra who simply wants to be in his arms. She begs him to let her stay with him for a week as she has no where to go and the three of them live together.

Kkangchi 2016

Hyung-soo is a member of the judo team at a high school in a small fishing town. He joined the team to avoid his alcoholic father, but due to him Hyung-soo quits the judo team. Hyung-soo tries to adapt to high school life with the help of friends. He gets to know a new group of kids at the school.

A Petal 1996

A young girl is caught up in the 1980 Gwangju massacre, where Korean soldiers killed hundreds, if not thousands, of protesters who opposed the country's takeover by the military the year before. Flashbacks show the girl seeing her mother shot to death in the massacre. The film spurred the Korean public to demand the truth behind the incident, and their government eventually opened previously classified files on the massacre.

C Kkompany 2008

Akshay Kumar is a crime reporter, Mr. Joshi is a retired accountant trying to deal with his ungrateful son and Lambodar are friends. These three share their respective plight with one other and find solace in each others company. On one occasion, they play a harmless prank to tackle their problems. One thing leads to other, and before they realize, the incident becomes news. But things don’t stop there. They put their new founded fame to good use, and this in turn triggers off a series of incidents, which propel them to such heights that the three become the talk of the nation. Things get beyond their control, and the three are left with no choice but to be mute spectators to their newly acquired fame, especially since no one knows their identity.

Horny Family 2013

From the outside, the Suhs seem like a loving, cookie-cutter, middle-class family with their lives in perfect order. In reality, everyone is hiding some secrets. The father has the hots for a young grad student. The mother is flirting around with a photographer she's posing for. The daughter is engaged but has a sex partner on the side. The son has a girlfriend, but he's been stalking the same student his father likes! What will happen to this perfect family when the secrets spill?

Tell Me O Kkhuda 2011

After finding she was adopted as child, a young woman sets out to look for her biological parents.

Undercover with the KKK 1979

The true story of Gary Thomas Rowe, Jr. who worked undercover for the FBI to infiltrate a Ku Klux Klan group in his Alabama hometown and later testified as a key prosecution witness during the trial of several Klansmen for crimes of destruction and murder.

Penny Pinchers 2011

Ji-woong is a loser who can't find a job so he lies to his mother for money, but one day she abruptly cuts him off and he becomes homeless. That same day, salvation arrives in the form of Hong-sil who's extremely stingy. Her hobby is visiting the bank to make savings deposits, and her specialty is selling empty glass bottles and old newspapers for cash.

Bhaago KK Aaya

Bhaago KK Aaya is an Indian television sitcom series, which premiered on SAB TV on January 29, 2008. The series is produced by Contiloe Entertainment & the story centers around a character name KK, played by Kiku Sharda.

Im Kkeok Jeong 1996

This historical drama talk about the life of Im Kkeok Jung who was from the low class and he was the leader of a group of gang, people from the same class that wish to live a decent life.

Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency 2019

When he becomes king, Lee Soo hires the Flower Crew matchmaking agency to make a noble woman out of his first love, Gae-Ddong. Ma Hoon, Young-soo and Do Joon try to fulfill their client's request.

Lovers in Bloom 2017

Moo Goong Hwa is a former boxer. After the death of her husband, she has raised her daughter alone. She now works as a police officer. Meanwhile, Cha Tae Jin is an elite police officer who graduated from the police university. He is full of justice.


Kkusum ... Ek Aam Ladki Ki Kahani was a popular daily Indian television drama telecast on Sony Entertainment Television and produced by Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms. It premiered in May 2001 and concluded in November 2005. The show lost ratings because of some drastic changes made in the cast. The lead actress Nausheen Sardar Ali was replaced by Mansi Joshi Roy and then Shilpa Saklani. Although the show was still very popular, it had to go off air. It is India's eighth-longest running serial.

The Kkondae Live 2018

꼰대 is a Korean slang word for an old man who is kinda aggressive and who tries to teach the younger generation. It has been widely used for a couple of years. The program is going to discover this "꼰대 DNA" in our daily life and discuss about it.

Vampire Flower 2014

Louis is a centuries old vampire who appears to be a teenager. He has fallen in love with Seo-young, a high school student with extraordinary blood. Together, they trek through the land of the vampires to retrieve a long lost flower.

Me too, Flower! 2011

A tough female police officer who suffers from depression falls in love with a young multimillionaire whom she initially believed was a parking attendant. Instead of counting her lucky stars, she is taken aback by how rich he is. Officer Cha Bong-sun is a peculiar woman who defies the rigid social hierarchy and rails against it. And Seo Jae-hee, the millionaire boyfriend, is a peculiar man who falls in love with this quirky police officer. They fall passionately in love with each other. A crazy sort of love. A story about people, relationships and love.


Kkavyanjali is an Indian Television romantic drama series that aired on STAR Plus. Kkavyanjali is the tale two lovers that can never meet, the two soul mates who love each other deeply yet they are separated. The show has been ranked at No.7 on the list of the a Star Plus top 10 show of all time history.

Ad Madness 1999

《광끼》는 1999년에 KBS 2TV에서 방송된 드라마이다. 대학의 광고 써클에 모인 젊은이들의 우정, 좌절, 연애를 그린 청춘 드라마이다.

The King's Dream 2012

Kim Chunchu is the grandson of King Jinji, but when his grandfather is overthrown, Chunchu is denied the chance to become a successor to the throne of Silla. He later meets Kim Yushin, and the two men begin a friendship. Chunchu later becomes King Muyeol, the 29th Korean monarch who leads the unification of three ancient kingdoms - Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla, while Kim Yushin becomes one of the greatest generals in Korean history.

The Blade and Petal 2013

A drama set in the Goguryo period. It is about how Moo Young, the daughter of King Young Ryu, falls in love with Yeon Choong, the son of Yeon Gaesomun had with a concubine. But Moo Young debates whether she should have her revenge, as Yeon Gaesomun is the man who killed her father. Meanwhile, Yeon Choong as the son of a noble blood father and a servant mother, despite his talent, he finds he cannot rise higher in rank due to the fact that he is a concubine′s son. He is later ordered by his father to kill the person he loves, and comes into inner conflict.

Boys Over Flowers 2009

A working class girl winds up at an exclusive prep school. Unassuming high school girl Jan Di stands up to -- and eventually falls for -- a spoiled rich kid who belongs to the school's most powerful clique.

Hare Kkaanch Ki Choodiyaan

Hare Kkaanch Ki Choodiyaan is a Hindi-language television series that aired on Sahara One channel in 2005, based on the story of a young pregnant woman who faces many obstacles in life. The series premiered on July 25, 2005, and aired every Monday - Friday at 3:30pm IST. The series is produced by Percept Picture Company, and starred Mihir Mishra, Snigdha Akolkar in her television debut role, & Swapnil Joshi in the main lead. 307 episodes total

Missing Korea 2015

“Missing Korea” is a romantic comedy set in the fictional year of 2020 when North and South Korea have taken significant steps towards reunification. One of those steps include hosting the first-ever combined Miss Korea pageant.

Shut Up Flower Boy Band 2012

Shut Up Flower Boy Band is a 2012 South Korean television series starring Sung Joon, Jo Bo-ah, Kim Myung-soo, Jung Eui-chul, Lee Hyun-jae, Yoo Min-kyu, and Kim Min-suk. It is a coming-of-age story about a high school rock band dealing with friendship, rivalry, romance and their passion for music. It aired on tvN from January 30 to March 20, 2012 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 23:00 for 16 episodes. It is the second installment in cable channel tvN's new line of youth-targeted programming "Oh! Boy" Project, which features a line-up of handsome leading men. The previous series was Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. Yoo Min-kyu was cast after winning tvN's reality audition program Flower Boy Casting: Oh! Boy. Kim Myung-soo is from boy band Infinite, Lee Hyun-jae is from indie rock band Mate, and Kim Min-suk and Kim Ye-rim were contestants on reality talent show Superstar K3.

Flower Boy Next Door 2013

Go Dok Mi doesn't spend all day dreaming about her knight in shining armor — she’s too busy spying on her neighbors who all happen to be hot, "flower-boy" types, including cartoon artist Oh Jin Rak. But when Enrique Geum, the new pretty boy next door, catches her, Dok Mi is finally forced to face the consequences - without the safety of binoculars and curtains. Will he be able to convince this “urban Rapunzel” to let her hair down? Whether you’re a lover or a fighter, this sensitive man will captivate your sensibilities.

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