Damage 1992

The life of a respected British politician at the height of his career crumbles when he becomes obsessed with his son's lover.

Tomorrow, When the War Began 2010

Ellie Linton, a teen from an Australian coastal town, leads her friends on an excursion to a camp deep in the woods, dubbed "Hell." Upon their return, the youths find that their town has been overrun by an enemy army, and their friends and family have been imprisoned. When the hostile invaders become alerted to their presence, Ellie and her friends band together to escape -- and strike back against -- this mysterious enemy.

Unlawful Entry 1992

After a break-in at their house, a couple gets help from one of the cops that answered their call. He helps them install the security system, and begins dropping by on short notice and unofficial patrol, and spends a lot of time discussing the couple's problems with the wife. The husband begins wondering if they're getting too much help.

A Place in Heaven 2013

A young officer returns to his base after a daring mission. The cook's assistant, a religious Holocaust survivor, is envious of him. He believes that there is a place in heaven reserved for the brave officer who endangers his life for the sake of his Jewish brethren. The officer, in the spirit of the Zionist ethos, is secular and a non-believer. At the moment, he is so hungry that, for a plate of shaksuka, he is prepared to sign a contract transferring his secured place in heaven to the cook. Some forty years later, the present time of the movie, the tables have turned - the officer, now a retired general, is on his death bed in the hospital. His son who, to his father's horror, has found religion, is in a race against time. Before his father dies, he has to find that cook's assistant who, forty years earlier, bought his place in heaven. If and when he finds him, the son has to nullify the contract. If he doesn't, his father will go to hell.

The Nativity Story 2006

Mary and Joseph make the hard journey to Bethlehem for a blessed event in this retelling of the Nativity story. This meticulously researched and visually lush adaptation of the biblical tale follows the pair on their arduous path to their arrival in a small village, where they find shelter in a quiet manger and Jesus is born.

Last House in Istanbul 1974

Three criminals on the run, breaking into the house of a wealthy doctor and his hot wife ...

Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself 2002

The strange comedy film of two close brothers; one, Wilbur, who wants to kill himself, and the other, Harbour, who tries to prevent this. When their father dies leaving them his bookstore they meet a woman who makes their lives a bit better yet with a bit more trouble as well.

Maximum Overdrive 1986

When a comet passes close to the earth, machines all over the world come alive and go on homicidal rampages. A group of people at a desolate truck stop are held hostage by a gang of homicidal 18-wheelers. The frightened people set out to defeat the killer machines ... or be killed by them.

How Life Began 2009

Was life triggered by some event, like lightning hitting a pond full of amino acids? Earth was teeming with life billions of years before the dinosaurs existed. Single celled organisms inundated the oceans, and the soil swarmed with living creatures. Where did it all come from and how do you go from a single-celled organism to a trillion-celled organism like man?

Law of Desire 1987

When porn director Pablo reluctantly breaks up with his boyfriend, Juan, he encourages him to stay in touch. Juan moves away to live in a lighthouse and eventually writes his ex, but in the interim Pablo has taken up a psychotic new lover, Antonio. Antonio intercepts their correspondence and flies into a towering rage, terrifying Pablo but inspiring him creatively as he works on a play about his transsexual sister.

House of Games 1987

A psychiatrist comes to the aid of a compulsive gambler and is led by a smooth-talking grifter into the shadowy but compelling world of stings, scams, and con men.

How to Change the World 2015

In 1971, a group of friends sail into a nuclear test zone, and their protest captures the world's imagination. Using never before seen archive that brings their extraordinary world to life, How To Change The World is the story of the pioneers who founded Greenpeace and defined the modern green movement.

Young Black Stallion 2003

When courageous young Neera becomes separated from her family in the desert, she chances upon a wild colt. Together they find friendship, trust, and their way back home only to discover her family is about to lose everything!

Leonard Nimoy: Star Trek Memories 1983

A TV special hosted by Leonard Nimoy and featuring the actor discussing the making of "The Original Series" and the first two Star Trek movies, "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" and "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan". Also included is a short preview of "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock".

Time Goes By 2010

The series is set in the 1960s and revolves around the Akarsu family. Ali Akarsu is the patriarch of the family and he works as a seaman and the captain of a ship. He is married to Cemile and they have 4 children: Berrin (a law student at İstanbul University), Aylin and Mete, who are high school students as well as 5 year old son, Osman. When Ali goes on one of his many trips, he begins an affair with a Dutch woman named Caroline and that leads to the disintegration of the Akarsu family. When Caroline comes to Turkey uninvited, Cemile wounds her by stabbing and goes to jail. Caroline is hospitalized. There she sets her terms: Ali must get a divorce from Cemile in order for Caroline to drop charges against Cemile and release her from jail. Caroline moves in with Ali. Cemile and children get evicted from their house and are without money. Ali lets Cemile and children live in the unfinished house in Zeytinli, while setting obstacles for Cemile for finding a job. Ali's mother Hasefe supports Cemile totally and helps her on daily basis.

Zach & Dennis: How It All Began 2016

Dennis wakes up to discover Zach, an attractive and much younger man in his bed. Is Zach just a one-night stand, or is it more than that? In the opening episode of "How It All Began," watch as Zach and Dennis get to know each other the morning after and test the waters. —Ben Bloom

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