Full Clip 2004

Lorsqu'il revient dans le quartier où il a grandi, Joshua Pope découvre une ville rongée par la violence et la corruption. Le quartier calme et paisible d'autrefois est maintenant à la merci d'une police corrompue et sans pitié. Un ancien ami de Joshua, Duncan, le rejoint accompagné de son gang afin de renverser la situation et remettre de l'ordre dans la petite ville d'Alabama. A deux, ils traquent et éliminent sans pitié les criminels…

E-clip-se 1999

During the solar eclipse of August 11, 1999, Chris Marker documents the French public looking up to the skies, with many of them wearing eclipse glasses.

The Clip

Alva is a teenage girl who one evening receives a link showing her future death

Clip Cult 1999

A compilation of 12 cutting-edge music videos, including Bjork's "All Is Full Of Love", Squarepusher's "Come On My Selector", Autechre's "Second Bad Vilbel", Leftfield's "Africa Shox", Fatboy Slim's "Praise You" and Aphex Twin's "Come To Daddy" and "Windowlicker".

Woody's Clip Joint 1964

Woody is getting his hair cut at the local barber when suddenly, said barber walks right out on him (it's his lunch break)...

2084 1984

A film of Chris Marker and the broadcasting(audiovisual) confederate Group - CFDT(FRENCH TRADE UNION)... For the centenarian of the law of 1884, which we agree to take for point of departure of the labor union, CFDT(FRENCH TRADE UNION) confided to Chris Marker the realisation of a film dedicated to hundred years of syndicalism in France. Chris Marker plans the question in the future and imagines a television news of 2084 for the anniversary of the second centenarian and three possible scenarios: the grey hypothesis, that of the "crisis", " a fearful society which hums and gives itself false safeties in the hope of a balance always questioned "; the black hypothesis, " a world where the technique took the place of the ideologies "; the blue hypothesis, finally, that of the dream and the imagination.

Anatomy of a Paperclip 2013

Kogure is a paperclip bender in a paperclip factory. A man without characteristics. A stoical loser. One day he finds a butterfly in his flat. She becomes his wife, but is even stranger than the bizarre minimal world he lives in. Crazy and funny Japanese neofolk.

Macross Frontier Music Clip Shuu: Nyankuri 2010

Music clip collection release from anime series Macross Frontier featuring eight music clips and popular scenes from TV series and theatrical features. Also includes newly-created footage such as interview with Ranka and Sheryl and TV spot starring Ranka plus choreography footage starring 3D character version of Nakajima Megumi & May'n.

A Norman Yonemoto Clip Joint

Clip Joint is a video assemblage of clips and short sequences from motion pictures mostly produced before 1964. Yonemoto isolates these clips from their predominantly Hollywood movie context and creates a new narrative with its own unique logic and meaning. The polished surface of Hollywood classic movies creates a hyperbolic dream state of surprising complexity no matter how shallow the movies’ content may be. Perfected by an army of artists and technicians of the early Hollywood studio system from 1915 to 1929, these powerful images manipulate the movie-goers’ emotions as well as suspending their disbelief. Yonemoto blends these compelling images into a potent brew of self-reflection and deconstruction.

Michael Jackson: King of Clip 2012

The King of Pop's fans are in luck. To pay homage to the third anniversary of his death, this production can relive all the music of Michael Jackson. This is over three hours of footage accompanied by a unique musical short film of 26 minutes.

Devil Hunter Yohko 4-Ever 1993

A tribute to Devil Hunter Yohko, with a collection of music videos. These videos feature songs from the series (including three new songs), put to scenes from the anime, colored manga picture, an original animated video featuring chibified versions of Yohko and Azusa, and two live videos.

Clip 2012

Jasna, a beautiful teenager, leads a crude life in post-war Serbia. She goes on a spree of sex, drugs and partying until she finds love and tenderness in a harsh environment.

Video Clip 2007

These days , this story could happen to any easily influenced teenager. It's actually based on a true event in Thailand a high school student who commit suicide after an home made video recorded on her cell phone was released

Clipped 2015

Clipped centers on a group of barbershop coworkers who all went to high school together but ran in very different crowds. Now they find themselves working together at Buzzy's, a barbershop in Charlestown, Massachusetts.


Clips is a Canadian game show that aired on YTV from 1993 to 1996 and produced by The Robert Essery Organization, as was the case for its sister show, Video & Arcade Top 10, which also aired on YTV at the time. Clips was hosted by future CMT host Paul McGuire and was joined by co-hosts such as Krista Herman, Sarah Freudeman, Liza Fromer, Shaun Majumder, Andrea Menzies, Rob Pagetto, and others, many of whom worked on V&A Top 10. Just like V&A, Clips was taped before a live studio audience in Toronto, Ontario.

Hitsbook 2017

'Hitsbook' is the platform where you can enjoy of the best contents in video created by people like you: vlogs, parodies, covers, recipes … Participate in incredible contests, castings and challenges where you can win prizes and recognition with your own videos, and conect with the best brands, media and other creators from all over the world.

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