The Child 2000

After working in Hong Kong for a decade to support her family, Josie (Vilma Santos) returns home to find her children's lives in ruins. Since their father's death five years ago, her daughters (Claudine Barretto and Shiela Junsay) and son (Baron Geisler) have made their way through life without their mother. But with a lack of parental guidance, they're on a path to destruction. Can Josie ever repair the damage her long absence has caused?

Anak Perjanjian Syaitan 2019

Zaidi is a teacher, whose mother is a wealthy widow who wants her own granddaughter and often pressures him to remarry because he and his wife, Azlinda, have no child despite having been married for many years.

Anak 2008

It all begins with Nita (Erra) starting with a new life in a new place. With her is her cousin Kay (Ida Nerina). Nita a pretty girl but she looks as if there is nothing in this world were left for her. Kay a successfully model, dub as the most beautiful lady in Malaysia. She is at the peak of life and full of zest. It is in her new home that Nita starts to see things or rather a person, a young child around the age of 5.

Anak Jantan 2014

the story of a young Malaysian man who was raised by group of military army and is haunted by his dark past

Anak Dara 1966

Date first general impressions: 1966 Language: Malay. The pattern of the film: Black and White.

Children of Srikandi 2012

The mythical figure of Srikandi, a female figure from the Indian Mahabharata epic that changes gender to live and fight as an equal among men, is the inspiration and role model for this anthology of stories on the state of alternate sexualities in Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. The result is eight highly personal and profound perspectives on lesbian, bisexual and trans-identity life in Islamic Indonesia.

Anak setan 2009

Gabrielle is tasked to make changes to how a mental hospital is being run.while she is making changes to the hospital she uncovers a dark secret of children that dissapear in this hospital..

Anak Hoki 2019

In his early teens, Ahok has to leave the comfort of his life in Belitung and start living independently in Jakarta. Ahok then gets to know Daniel, Bayu, and Eva who become his closest friends. Ahok is determined to apply all the moral values and goodness he learned from his father. But doing good is not as simple as he thought. When Bayu begins to fall in love with Eva and is jealous of Ahok, when Daniel begins to involve Ahok in his lies with his family, and when Eva apparently keeps a big secret and runs away from home, Ahok realizes, there were times when doing right needed sacrifice and struggle. Not to mention when Ahok realizes that he could not fulfill his father's hopes of becoming a doctor.

Anak Mami The Movie 2002

The movie centers around Aniq who lives in Penang with his two sisters Aisya and Sabrina. He meets and falls in love with Amelia but that was where problem arose, because of the traditional standards that both families' practices, which require their children to be match-make by their parents to the spouse of their (the parents) choices. Not wanting to give up, the two love birds eventually cooked up a devious plan where they tricked their parents into believing that they are joining a "family adoption program", where Aniq will stay in Amelia's family for some time and vice versa for Amelia to Aniq's family, in hope of winning over the hearts of their potential in-laws. This is, of course, where the fun begins...

Rich Boy, Poor Boy 1992

In the Phillipines, a wealthy Americanized young man becomes involved with a strong-willed, quiet farmhand that works for him.

Anak Halal 2007

Hisham, a drug dealer, finds himself stuck in a situation where he had to hand over his young son to a homeless woman. Hisham is caught and jailed. Mariam, who is a few cans short of a six pack raises the baby, now named after the famed legend “Indraputra”, in very meager circumstances, but full of love and art. They live in a squatter area and have neighbors named Bu Leha and Putra’s best friend, Johanna. They move to Kuala Lumpur in hopes of a better life, but Putra and Johanna inevitably grow up to be street kids, tough and full of conflict. They live hand to mouth, but at the same time their poverty does not stop them from having strong friendships and at times, to enjoy their youth.

Anak ng Kumander 2008

A rebel's son, Kumander Idel (Manny Pacquiao) pursued his father's work as an outlaw who hides in the mountains with a group of men creating chaos on the corrupt officials who continue to oppress people. Just like a typical anti-hero, he carries a big gun with sexy girls shooting guns along with shootouts in the jungle. Using his own unique code of honor, he applies justice to all those who deserve punishment. He eventually should make a choice between his values and a chance for an easier life.

Papa's Pet 1968

Che 'Aaron is a manager of a rubber plantation owned by his own father. He is spending lavishly and often results money. Even so, he is also a trustee and not using office funds. He was heavily in debt with loan sharks and even acquaintances Che 'Normah a nightclub singer. To pay off his debts, Che 'Aaron had to lie to his father, Dato' Mahfiz by stating that he needed the money for getting married. Dato 'Mahfiz who live far away from her already urged Che' Aaron to marry. Hearing the good news, Dato 'Mahfiz not think long and continues to send RM5, 000 to his son.

Kembalinya Anak Iblis 2019

Rama (Al Ghazali), Garin (Endy Arfian), Farel (Atta Halilintar), Quincy (Steffi Zamora) and Celsi (Valerie Thomas) survive from the spirit terror at the Ayunan Island resort which harbored a terrible history of the slaughter of a family and resort employees. Rama is frantic: her lover is in a mental hospital, the body of Hana (Marsha Aruan), his sister, and Fira (Mumuk Gomez) have not been found. Rama returns to Ayunan Island to look for them. But obstacles lay ahead.

Albino 2012

A local albino is searching for his identity. Believing that he is the son of an American, he tries to learn English through reading translations and definitions from a Tagalog-English dictionary.

Anak Niat 1985

A comedy film about a son of a rich man that been pempared by his dad

Revenge of the Abandoned Child 1987

Dino (Yan Bastian), an adopted child of a former criminal, suffers when his adoptive father is murdered by Bandot (Robin Karim). Dino then works as a taxi driver but is caught by a group of kidnappers led by Benjol (Boy Agusta Rachman), who also abducts Leli (Wenny Rosaline), the rich entrepreneur daughter of Bandot.

Anak Setan 1974

Son of Satan is a Malay film published in Malaysia in 1974 Movies Son of Satan published in any format without the color white. This film was directed by director Omar Rojik.

Ina, Kapatid, Anak

Ina, Kapatid, Anak is a Philippine television drama directed by Don M. Cuaresma and Jojo A. Saguin. The series premiered on October 8, 2012 on ABS-CBN in the Philippines as part of network's Primetime Bida programming block, and internationally on October 9 on TFC . The drama follows the lives of Celyn, Margaux, Liam and Ethan and their struggles for power, acceptance, family and love. The show was extended due to success in viewership ratings, the second season premiered on January 14, 2013 with the episode featuring the grand revelation of Celyn being the daughter of Julio and Beatriz. The third and final season premiered on March 7, 2013 with the drama opened a new chapter with a time skip focusing on the characters' young-adult stage and business rivalry.

Anak Merdeka 2017

Narrative the life of three companions - Salleh, Boon and Devi - from the time of Malaysia struggling for independence to the 21st century. Deployed at a fun party, where all the three friends who first met, their story journey expressed their ties with the historical events and important events of our country for the past 60 years. Their story is the story of the nation.

Ponti Anak Remaja

Ponti Anak Remaja is a Malaysian miniseries about Ponti, a human-vampire half-breed who just wants a normal human life. She is fascinated with the human world after she met a group of college students doing a research of a mythical flower in a local reserved forest which is actually inhabited by the vampires. She became friends with the students. They manage to somehow enroll her in the college, and unlike any other normal human, she has the ability to learn fast and other few super abilities. Ponti herself is a bubbly, fun, energetic and friendly girl who just wants to fit in the social. She started dating Hazuan, the popular guy. Hazuan's ex-girlfriend Sofea became furious and hated this so she planned to make Ponti's life a living hell. Ponti also has to face Kamal, her vampire ex-boyfriend who would do anything to win her back.

Galema: Anak ni Zuma

Jim Fernandez's Galema: Anak ni Zuma is an upcoming Philippine television drama based on the comic book Zuma created by Jim Fernandez. The series will be premiered by ABS-CBN on September 30, 2013 replacing Dugong Buhay, and worldwide on The Filipino Channel on October 1, 2013. It is topbilled by Andi Eigenmann.

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