This Changes Everything 2019

An investigative look and analysis of gender disparity in Hollywood, featuring accounts from well-known actors, executives and artists in the Industry.

Changes: Godsmack 2004

Changes is a documentary and live DVD released in September 2004 by the hard rock band Godsmack. The DVD was recorded in early 2004. That same month, the group also released "Batalla de los Tambores" a drum dual between Shannon and Sully, available only via online services such as Apple's iTunes Music Store, Real, Napster, and the Zune Marketplace.[1] The DVD has been certified Gold by the RIAA.

Changes 1991

Melanie is a top TV news reporter, living in New York with her twin teenage daughters. Peter is a handsome and divorced heart surgeon working at an L.A. hospital with three children of his own. A chance meeting leads to instant romance and eventual marriage, bringing about drastic changes in their lives...not all of them good.

Changes, Changes 1972

Based on a 1971 wordless picture book by Pat Hutchins. "The little wooden couple are happy in their building-block house -- until it catches fire. The solution? They transform the house into a fire engine! But then there's so much water that they have to build a boat..." --

The World Changes 1933

Generational saga tracing the events in the lives of the midwest pioneering Nordholm family, as seen through the eyes of businessman Paul Muni (who ages from a youth to an elderly grandfather).

Changes 1969

It's the late sixties, a time of peace signs, free love and revolution; and Kent (Kent Lane DEFIANT, HOOPER) like others of his generation, is looking for a meaning to his life. Driving alone along the Big Sur, he flashes back to difficult memories about college, drugs, family and relationships. The flashback over, Kent is back in his car, but he loses control and crashes over an embankment. Stunned and hurt, Kent starts hitchhiking, not caring which direction. He wanders aimlessly, taking rides from strangers, never making real contact. Then he meets Julie (Michele Carey, LIVE A LITTLE LOVE A LITTLE), who intrigues him and they move in together. Kent still has to find himself and the meaning of his existence. Co-starring Jack Albertson (TV's CHICO AND THE MAN), Manuela Thiess (TERROR CIRCUS), Sam Chew Jr. (TIME WALKER), Teri Garr (FIRSTBORN) and Marcia Strassman (TV's WELCOME BACK KOTTER). Made by award winning director Hall Bartlett (JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL)!

Changes 2009

A Liberian family who moved to US for a better life expect the arrival of their two older sons after ten years.

Changes 1970

A pre-Deep Throat GERARD DAMIANO informs us that the Sexual Revolution ushered in "Changes that have come too soon for some, not soon enough for others... Changes that will liberate or destroy." Following this ominous pronunciamento are a series of interviews conducted by Damiano himself.

Tiny Changes 2019

A documentary that follows the making of Frightened Rabbit's covers album, in tribute to their seminal album The Midnight Organ Fight.

Mood Changes 2013

This animation can be watched in 2D or using Chromadepth Glasses in 3D.

Time Changes 1978

Ford’s bracingly intimate and reflexive documentary on time and change was filmed over four years and focuses on a small group of male filmmakers and close friends.

The River Changes 1956

A European village lies close to a river, which is a boundary between two countries. A severe storm changes the course of the river, and the village is now in the boundary of the neighboring totalitarian country.

This Changes Everything 2015

Based on Naomi Klein's book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, a look at how people in various communities around the world play a role in the ongoing climate change debate and how they're affecting change in trying to prevent the environmental destruction of our planet.

Life Changes Everything 2017

Outside an abortion clinic in 1978, Madeline Ryan is 19 years old, confused and about 12 weeks pregnant. Her 23 year-old boyfriend is a career-minded student on his way to graduate school. Madeline is hesitant, but he is determined to get this taken care of. What follows is a unique story that will help them understand "life" changes everything!

Money Changes Everything 2009

Three days in Las Vegas, Nevada; three different visions of the discarded past and of the constantly renewed future. A three-part portrait of a town in transformation: a suburban utopia in the desert, a cancerous sprawl of unplanned development, a destination for suicides.

A River Changes Course 2013

In her feature directorial debut, Kalyanee Mam, the cinematographer for the Academy Award–winning documentary Inside Job, explores the damage rapid development has wrought in her native Cambodia on both a human and environmental level.

When the Wind Changes 2010

The once full, fresh waters of Lake Denial are rapidly receding leaving bogan residents Jack, Kevin and Blandy with an uphill battle in keeping their charter boat business afloat - literally. But when a supernatural event alters Jack and Kevin's ability to function, just getting by becomes a whole new problem. A comedy that sorts out the sinkers from the swimmers.

The Changes 1975

The Changes is a British children's science fiction television serial filmed in 1973 and first broadcast in 1975 by the BBC. It was directed by John Prowse. It is based on the trilogy written by Peter Dickinson: The Weathermonger, Heartsease and The Devil's Children.

Assassinations That Changed the World

They are the tragic stories at the heart of some of history's most defining moments - tales of hatred and obsession, fanaticism and a burning desire for attention. In Assassinations That Changed the World, HISTORY examines the famous assassinations and assassination attempts that have left their mark on humanity. Trace the incredible events following the murder Archduke Ferdinand, which led to the outbreak of World War I. See how one century India lost three leaders, including Mohandas Gandhi, to religous fanatics who disagreed with the political policies of the nation. Explore the tragic story of Abraham Lincoln, killed by a desperate adherant to a lost cause. And consider how history might have been different had some of these incidents ended differently. Where would the civil rights movement be today if Martin Luther King Jr. were still alive? With extensive interviews, archival footage and expert commentary, Assassinations That Changed the World brings these absorbing stories to life.

The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed 1979

After WWII is over, a young officer Volodya Sharapov returns to Moscow to work in MUR - Moskovskiy Ugolovny Rozysk (Moscow Criminal Police). There he meets Gleb Zheglov who is a chief of a squad which fights organized crime. Their main task is to track down a gang "Chernaya Koshka" (Black Cat) which terrorizes the city. Also, they have to find out who murdered Larisa Gruzdeva. Zheglov believes it was her husband Ivan Gruzdev, but Sharapov has his doubts about it...

How William Shatner Changed the World

How William Shatner Changed the World is a 2005 two-hour television documentary, commissioned by Discovery Channel Canada and co-produced for History Channel in the United States and Channel Five in the United Kingdom. Hosted and narrated by William Shatner, known for his portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk, and based on his book, I'm Working on That, the show focuses on technological advancements and people in the real world that were inspired by the Star Trek phenomenon.

How Earth Made Us 2010

In each episode, geologist Iain Stewart describes how a certain geological force played a determinant part in human history. Culture may render people less dependent on nature, it still interacts with it, and actually increases the importance of such natural resources as minerals and fossil fuels.

G-Funk 2018

The G Funk era of hip-hop was ushered in by three hip-hop giants, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg and Warren G. The genre represented everything west coast hip hop was and is, but focused more on having fun than gangbanging.

102 Minutes That Changed America

102 Minutes That Changed America is a 102-minute American television special documentary film that was produced by the History channel and premiered commercial-free on September 11, 2008, marking the seventh anniversary of the 2001 attacks. The film depicts, in virtually real time, the New York-based events of the attacks primarily using raw footage from mostly amateur citizen journalists. The documentary is accompanied by an 18-minute documentary short called I-Witness to 9/11, which features interviews with nine firsthand eyewitnesses who captured the footage on camera. According to this film, most of the archival footage was in possession of the U.S. government but was released to History years after 9/11. The documentary film attracted 5.2 million viewers. The program aired on Channel 4 in the UK, France 3 in France, History Channel in Brazil on 7 September 2009, SBS6, in the Netherlands on 9 September 2009 and on ZDF in 2009 and 2010. A&E Television Networks, parent company of History, aired it across all of their cable networks on September 11, 2011 at 8:46 a.m. EDT, the exact time American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into 1 World Trade Center ten years earlier.

Perfect Storms 2013

Investigates what happens when a series of natural and human events catastrophically coincide to change the course of history.

Genius of Britain 2010

Genius of Britain is a five-part television documentary presented by leading British scientific figures, such as Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins, James Dyson, David Attenborough, Robert Winston, Paul Nurse, Jim Al-Khalili, Kathy Sykes and Olivia Judson. The series charts the history of some of Britain's most important scientists and innovators. It was first broadcast on Channel 4 on 30 May 2010.

Wheel of Fortune 2018

Shinozaki Ayumi receives a strange call telling her that an earthquake will occur one hour from now. She hangs up the phone thinking it was just a prank call. But one hour later, she feels herself sway a little. When she turns on the television, she realizes that what the caller said about the time and the epicenter was on the mark. After that, she receives other phone call from the same caller who identifies himself as Kazama. He says that he knows what will happen in the future because he went back to a certain spot from the future and made a fresh start in life. Calling this time travel “Repeat”, he invites Ayumi to be his guest. Besides Ayumi, Mori Keisuke and Tendo Taro are among the eight people who have been invited by Kazama to participate in “Repeat”. These eight people who are making a repeat as a result of past regrets, are hit with a series of unanticipated events.

Jade Changed My Life

Jade Changed My Life was a tribute special that aired on Sky Living which aired on the second anniversary of Jade Goody's death with interviews from family and friends and also how Goody helped raise awairness with interviews from various women who found out they had the same illness due to the awareness Goody made during her battle through media attention.

Animorphs 1998

Animorphs is a 26-episode television adaptation made by Nickelodeon of the Scholastic book series of the same name. The series was broadcast from September 1998 to March 2000 in the United States and Canada, and in May 2013, reruns began airing on Qubo. The episodes lasted about 30 minutes, had stereo sound, and closed captions.

How Sex Changed the World 2013

How Sex Changed the World is a documentary series exploring how sex has changed history: from Ghengis Khan using it to expand the Mongol Empire to the survival of harems for thousands of years and even how Hoover used it to blackmail top level politicians.

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