Che vuoi che sia 2016

A young man challenges the web to offer money for a sex tape of him and his girlfriend to finance his work and finally be able to afford having a child. Is it really wrong to sell our own intimacy in order to be able to afford making our dreams come true?

The Voyeur 1994

At a college in Rome, a professor, nicknamed "Dodo" is in a deep depression. His stunningly beautiful wife has just left him for other man. Dodo wants her back very badly and has erotic daydreams about her. A beautiful young student in his class asks him for a ride home and seduces the lucky man, but still he wonders about his wife and her lover.

Che: Part Two 2009

After the Cuban Revolution, Che is at the height of his fame and power. Then he disappears, re-emerging incognito in Bolivia, where he organizes a small group of Cuban comrades and Bolivian recruits to start the great Latin American Revolution. Through this story, we come to understand how Che remains a symbol of idealism and heroism that lives in the hearts of people around the world.

Che: Part One 2008

The Argentine, begins as Che and a band of Cuban exiles (led by Fidel Castro) reach the Cuban shore from Mexico in 1956. Within two years, they mobilized popular support and an army and toppled the U.S.-friendly regime of dictator Fulgencio Batista.

What a Beautiful Day 2011

Checco, an uneducated but self-satisfied fellow from Milan, who has always dreamed of becoming a police officer, fails his entrance exam for the third time. It must be said that at the oral examination Checco said that the reason why he wanted to join the police was benefits in kind and cronyism! But the young man has connections and he soon finds himself a security agent at the Milan Cathedral. Of course the bumbling idiot proves a living catastrophe! Spotted by Sufien, an Arab terrorist who is preparing an attack against the cathedral, Checco appears as the perfect sucker. To manipulate him, he sends his charming sister Farah to him, with the mission to seduce him...

What? 1972

A young American woman traveling through Italy finds herself in a strange Mediterranean villa where nothing seems right.

Che! 1969

Biography of Argentinian revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara, who helped Fidel Castro in his struggle against the corrupt Batista regime, eventually resulting in the overthrow of that government and Castro's taking over of Cuba. The film covers Guevara's life from when he first landed in Cuba in 1956 to his death in an ambush by government troops in the mountains of Bolivia in 1967.

Motorway 2012

Two police pursuit drivers, a hothead rookie and his long-suffering, almost-retired mentor, face off against an escape car driver from the latter's past.

Io che amo solo te 2015

Lukewarm wedding acquires a new meaning when the father of the groom rekindles his long-time love for the mother of the bride.

What Will Become of Us 2004

A coming-of-age comic tale about three eighteen-year-olds just out of high school who go to a Greek island following one of the boys’ older girlfriend.

Michael Che Matters 2016

"SNL" star Michael Che takes on hot-button topics like inequality, homophobia and gentrification in this stand-up set filmed live in Brooklyn.

Everything You Want 2017

An aimless young troublemaker, Alessandro, squanders his days gambling and getting into fights, and he often spends his nights in jail. With few prospects, he begrudgingly accepts a job as a companion to Giorgio, an elderly poet suffering from Alzheimer’s. On their daily walks, the two banter and become friends, and Alessandro quickly learns more about this forgotten poet as the old man’s memory drifts. After learning a secret from Giorgio’s past, Alessandro and his friends work to uncover the mystery of this tale, an unexpected history lesson and a touching coming-of-age adventure.

Ma che bella sorpresa 2015

What a lovely surprise tells the story of Guido (Claudio Bisio), romantic dreamer and a professor of literature in high school, whose life falls apart when buy the HIS girlfriend, with whom he lives for years, it leaves for other man. Paul (Frank Matano) - Its a former student listless become a physical education teacher - And His best friend and Fara everything to help him to exit from the crisis.

Nothing Left to Do but Cry 1984

A teacher (Saverio) and a schoolkeeper (Mario) get lost in the Italian countryside. They find themselves in the late 15th century, they met Leonardo da Vinci and try to teach him how to play cards, they try to stop Columbus, they sing beatles's song etc...

The Man Who Will Come 2009

A group of Italian villagers struggle to survive during a tumultuous time in 1943, debating how much assistance to give the partisans with the impending arrival of the Germans. Based on True Events.

The Man Who Loves 2008

A man is broken hearted at the loss of his lover, then later visits the same pain on the next woman with whom he becomes involved.

Che Guevara 2005

When he is captured in Bolivia, the "Che" is conducted to prission, when he remembers his life facts, the revolution and the women.

Che tempo che fa

Che tempo che fa is an Italian television talk show hosted by the Italian television host Fabio Fazio. It has been broadcast live on Saturdays and Sundays on the Italian State TV Channel Rai Tre in Milan since 2003. The show has been aired prime time since September 2003. Che tempo che fa is a one-to-one talk show with two guests every night. Current events, political, economic, sporting, musical, literary, cinematic, scientific, nature and environmental issues of topical interest are discussed. Fabio Fazio’s feature is having friendly conversations rather than formal interviews. In its last edition the show made an average prime-time share of 15%, with an audience of 3,500,000 people.

Che Che Lazaro Presents

Cheche Lazaro Presents is a one hour investigative and documentary public affair show dedicated to bringing the Philippines and the world to Filipino viewers. It was originally broadcast on Philippines TV station GMA Network from 1999 through 2003. The show at present is air and seen on ABS-CBN. Currently hosted by Cheche Lazaro and is now produced for ABS-CBN by Unlimited Productions Inc., a sister company of Probe Productions, Inc..

Quelli che... il Calcio

Quelli che... Il Calcio is the title of an Italian entertainment television show. This sport show is broadcast by Rai Due on Sunday afternoons during the period of activity of the Italian Football Championship, including comments about the matches and some live footage from the series A.

Beetlejuice 1989

The adventures of goth girl Lydia Deetz and her undead friend Beetlejuice as they explore The Neitherworld, a wacky afterlife realm inhabited by monsters, ghosts, ghouls and zombies.

Chernobyl 2019

The true story of one of the worst man-made catastrophes in history: the catastrophic nuclear accident at Chernobyl. A tale of the brave men and women who sacrificed to save Europe from unimaginable disaster.

Cheyenne 1955

Cheyenne is an American western television series of 108 black-and-white episodes broadcast on ABC from 1955 to 1963. The show was the first hour-long western, and in fact the first hour-long dramatic series of any kind, with continuing characters, to last more than one season. It was also the first series to be made by a major Hollywood film studio which did not derive from its established film properties, and the first of a long chain of Warner Brothers original series produced by William T. Orr.

Cheers 1982

Cheers is an American sitcom television series that ran for 11 seasons from 1982 to 1993. It was produced by Charles/Burrows/Charles Productions in association with Paramount Network Television for NBC and created by the team of James Burrows, Glen Charles, and Les Charles. The show is set in a bar named Cheers in Boston, Massachusetts, where a group of locals meet to drink, relax, and socialize. The show's theme song, written and performed by Gary Portnoy, and co-written with Judy Hart Angelo, lent its famous refrain, "Where Everybody Knows Your Name", as the show's tagline. After premiering on September 30, 1982, it was nearly canceled during its first season when it ranked last in ratings for its premiere. Cheers, however, eventually became a highly rated television show in the United States, earning a top-ten rating during 8 of its 11 seasons, including one season at #1. The show spent most of its run on NBC's Thursday night "Must See TV" lineup. Its widely watched series finale was broadcast on May 20, 1993, and the show's 275 episodes have been successfully syndicated worldwide. Nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series for all eleven of its seasons on the air, it has earned 28 Emmy Awards from a then-record 117 nominations. The character Frasier Crane was featured in his eponymous spin-off show, which later aired up until 2004 and included guest appearances by virtually all of the major and minor Cheers characters.

Chelsea 2016

It's not her first talk show, but it is a first of its kind. Ideas, people and places that fascinate her, all in her unique style.

Cherif 2013

Police Captain Kader Cherif knows the city like the back of his hand, and, as someone could say, never leaves his duty, because his apartment located on the first floor of the building opposite to the police station. He is assigned to investigate unusual murders in Lyon. Of course, he is using only legitimate methods which sometimes seem to be unusual and are displeasing his new partner Adeline Briard, police captain as well.

Made in Chelsea 2011

It's time to peek behind the designer curtains of South West London and meet London's young socially elite, Made in Chelsea. Yes, they're immaculately dressed; yes, they are fiercely ambitious; and of course they party hard. But beyond the posh accents, fast cars and polo parties, life isn't all champagne and canapés. See the real-life rivalries and relationships that set tongues wagging and phones beeping behind closed doors on the Kings Road. Enjoy every love-in, fall out and bitch fest captured on camera and played out over eight deliciously decadent one-hour episodes.

Top Chef 2006

An American reality competition show in which chefs compete against each other in culinary challenges and are judged by a panel of professional chefs and other notables from the food and wine industry with one or more contestants eliminated in each episode.

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