Land of Sorrows 1973

This foreign, English-subtitled film dramatizes the effect of the Vietnam War on a single South Vietnamese family, the inner conflict of decisions by each member of the family whether to remain in Vietnam or leave with the imminent advance and fall of Hue and eventual fall of Vietnam. Dat Kho, who's cast includes the beloved Vietnamese inconic anti-war songwriter/poet/artist Trinh Cong Son (1939-2001) who posthumously won the World Peace Music Award in 2004, is a story of the love of family, love of homeland, love of the culture and language of Vietnam and the ethereal love of the ingenue daughter for her fiance, foiled by the antagonistic forces of the ever-present war. A thought-provoking film.

Up Down & Sideways 2017

As they work in cooperative groups — preparing the terraced fields, planting saplings, or harvesting the grain and carrying it up impossibly steep slopes — the rice cultivators of Phek sing. The seasons change, and so does the music, transforming the mundane into the hypnotic. The love that they sing of is also a metaphor for the need for the other – the friend, the family, the community, to build a polyphony of voices. Stories of love, stories of the field, stories of song, stories in song. Up down and sideways is a musical portrait of a community of rice cultivators and their memories of love and loss, created from working together on the fields.

Khokababu 2012

The film is about Khokababu (Dev) who is a cool and a clever guy. Bhaiji is a well-known don in his territory whom everybody fears and obeys. Khoka joins Bhaiji's circle as an accountant where he has a wacky senior Khanra Babu. Khoka with his super wit starts to obtain every luxury that a perfect office should have and starts to hoax Bhaiji. Problems occur when Khoka falls in love with Bhaiji's sister Pooja (Subhasree Ganguly). That's how our super-clever Chalu Cheez Khokababu takes the story ahead.

La La Land 2016

Mia, an aspiring actress, serves lattes to movie stars in between auditions and Sebastian, a jazz musician, scrapes by playing cocktail party gigs in dingy bars, but as success mounts they are faced with decisions that begin to fray the fragile fabric of their love affair, and the dreams they worked so hard to maintain in each other threaten to rip them apart.

Khoobsurat 2014

A vibrant, hopelessly romantic physiotherapist meets a handsome young Rajput prince who is the complete opposite of her – and is engaged to someone else.

My Brother Khosrow 2017

Khosrow (Shahab Hosseini) who is a bi-polar man is forced to live in his brother's house Nasser, as his guardian and sister goes abroad for a while. The brothers soon find themsleves in friction due to the challenging behavior of Khosrow and quesrionable moral decisions by Nasser.

Old Man Khottabych 1957

A boy named Volka discovers an ancient vessel on the bottom of a river. When he opens it, a genie emerges from there. He calls himself Hassan Abdurrahman ibn Khottab, or in Russian style Khottabych. Grateful Khottabych is ready to fulfill any of Volka's wishes. But it appears that Volka should use the powers of the genie carefully, for they can have undesirable results.

Khosla Ka Ghosla! 2006

Upon retirement, cranky control freak Kamal Kishore Khosla obsesses about procuring a plot of land in Delhi, where he plans to build his dream house. After investing his entire life's savings to acquire the land, he discovers the plot's been stolen by a greedy land shark. Now, Khosla must rely on his comically dysfunctional family to pull off a scam on the biggest goon in real estate and win back.

Khodorkovsky 2011

Khodorkovsky, the richest Russian, challenges President Putin. A fight of the titans begins. Putin warns him. But Khodorkovsky comes back to Russia knowing that he will be imprisoned, once he returns. When I heard about it, I asked myself: why didn't he stay in exile with a couple of billions? Why did he do that? A personal journey to Khodorkovsky.

Gav khooni 2004

A young man leaves his birthplace, Isfahan, to come to capital city ,Tehran, to forgot his childhood memories. He is the storyteller and he tarts revealing his dreams which have been started a few months after the death of his father. In these dreams father persuades him to go to the Gav Khuni Swamp

Khooroos Jangi 2009

Husband and wife swap roles for a week because each thinks the other has it easy.

Khottabych 2006

Young programmer and hacker Gena meets Khottabych - a genie who can't quite understand today life realities after spending thousands of years in a lamp.

Private Life 2012

Intense thriller following a religious newspaper editor who is faced with temptation. When Ibrahim (Farhad Aslani) meets a young writer (Hanie Tavassoli) who is seemingly interested in a job, things quickly take a turn. A gripping story of paranoia and obsession then ensues, culminating in the most unexpected of climaxes.

Sheep & Wolves: Pig Deal 2019

The united town of sheep and wolves lives a peaceful and quiet life until two unexpected guests turn up - a polar fox and a tiny ewe. No one ever expected them to bring a deadly danger, which can be overcome only if they work together. Only teamwork can solve big problems and deal with serious challenges - as there is strength in unity.

Oreed Khol'an 2005

The film revolves around a wife couple working in the field of dries and the husband working in a bank but because of the husband's strict treatment and implementation of his views, the wife decided to raise the case to take him off.

Teng Nong Khon Maha-Hia 2007

Bumbling parking valets Nong (Choosak Iamsuk) and Teng (Pongsak Pongsuwan) are assigned by their gangster boss (Phairoj Jaising) to deliver a valuable Chinese statuette to other gangster boss Hia See (Andy Khemphimook). During the journey, they decide to take a side trip and what should have been a simple job turns into a major fiasco with a police chase led by Lt. Namtarn (Jirada Yohara).

Kholod 1992

KHOLOD is about the deportation of Karachays, which took place at the end of World War II. The film's director, himself a Karachay, tried to convey the experiences of people, life and culture, considering it important to make people realize what that did to him and his people.

7 Khoon Maaf 2011

Susanna is hungry for love and will go to any extent to find it in its purest form. In her quest for the perfect man, she gets married a number of times as each of her husband's die mysteriously.

Susan Khon Pen 2014

Frangipani (Yui G Noonan) inherited and owned textile mills and many other business affairs after her husband died. She went on to marry Life (James Taylor) whom other women fell in love with and became obsessed with him. She entrusted her affairs and believed that he loved her. The story continues with all of the exciting drama tied in with a Thai lakorn.

Giant Not Husband 2015

Story full of people with the facts tortuous, fascinating life of sometimes bumpy close girlfriend and Xuan Lam Tra My. Along poverty, they must dropout, but Lam Tra and lucky to have a friend is Le Nguyen, a river guy sincere, passionate animal books and dreams of becoming a doctor of law. Thus, two girls are exposed to the literary world and amassed extensive knowledge.

Khoya Khoya Chand 2013

Arib falls madly in love with Ahmareen but she soon leaves the hostel and goes back home. He searches for her but without success. The story gathers momentum when, because of his mother’s ill-health, Arib is forced to marry Angabeen.

When Heaven Burns 2011

When Yip Chi-Yan, Lau Chun-Hung, Sung Yee-Long, and Cheng Chun-Hin are brought together again by an accident, their lives change irreversibly. Chi-Yan is a radio host. She and the other three were members of the same band eighteen years ago. The memory of them playing music together comes back vividly to them, and so does the pain they have all tried so hard to bury. Eighteen years ago her boyfriend, Ka-Ming, was killed in a hiking accident. Time flies, but she can never forgive Chun-Hung, Yee-Long, and Chun-Hin for failing to save Ka-Ming. As they reconnect, the four good friends and the people around them are drawn into a vortex of love they have no control over.

Bharat Ek Khoj 1988

Bharat Ek Khoj is a 53-episode Indian historical drama based on the book The Discovery of India by Jawaharlal Nehru, that dramatically unfolds the 5000 year history of India from its beginnings to the coming of independence in 1947. The drama was directed, written and produced by Shyam Benegal with cinematographer V. K. Murthy in 1988 for state-owned Doordarshan. Benegal's regular script collaborator Shama Zaidi also co-wrote the script.

The End of Waiting 2013

Two people who lost touch over the years and have found each other again. Om is playing a prince who had to flee his country along with is mother and adopted sister Marnfah (Chat)–his father was being overthrown by his uncle. They had no choice but to leave their mother country to Thailand where they were separated to face their own destinies. Om grows up under the support of a Hong Kong businessman and he becomes a successful businessman himself. Marnfah was sent to live with a military family in northern Thailand. Her name was changed from Marnfah to Bralee. At the present time, she has just graduated from a school in the United States and has decided to visit a friend in Hong Kong. This is where she will meet her long lost prince. Instead of her friend picking her up, she is picked up by Jao San (Om), a man her father does business with. As for him, he knows exactly who she is, her complete background that she is Marnfah–the young lady he has been keeping a watchful eye on out of concern. So they meet again. As the story progresses, our exiled prince has to decide whether he wants to join the rebel forces to restore his throne and honor OR be satisfy with having the love of his life be by his side and to give him support for the rest of his life. I think he can have both. It’s a story of romance and war, you guys in?

King is Not Easy 2017

Da Xi, a girl who is very good at cooking has only one dream: find a peerless beauty husband. One day she met a Royal Guard, Shao Yong, and fell in love at first sight, so she decides to stay near him and the only way to do it is entering the palace. Da Xi became a maid, only to find themselves fooled, so she decided to escape palace, she ran over the wall, but she met by chance the emperor Ji Man. The emperor thought that she was an assassin, so he tried to stop her escape but instead, an accident occurred: their souls were swapped, she became him, and he became her.

Char Khooneh

Char Khooneh is a 2007 Iranian television sitcom. It is based around the Jamali household and set in the four-unit apartment building they own. A total number of 107 episodes were aired.

Kto khochet stat' millionerom? 2001

Кто хочет стать миллионером? is a Russian game show based on the original British format of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. The show is hosted by Dmitry Dibrov. The main goal of the game is to win 3 million Russian roubles by answering 15 multiple-choice questions correctly. There are four lifelines - Fifty Fifty, Phone A Friend, Ask The Audience and Double Dip. For some time there also was a fifth lifeline, Three Wise Men. Кто хочет стать миллионером? is broadcast from 19 February 2001 to today. It is shown on the Russian TV station Channel One on Saturdays at 5:50 PM. After getting the fifth question correct, a contestant will leave with at least 5,000 RUB. After getting the tenth question correct, he will leave with at least 100,000 RUB. An earlier version of the show was called O, schastlivchik!.

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