Parallel Chords 2018

A young violinist struggles to assert her individuality amidst the intense pressure of her pianist father, and the weight of her own musical ability.

Parallel Chords (Overture) 2015

Parallel Chords (overture) is the true story of a young violinist struggling to assert her individuality amidst the intense pressure of her pianist father and the formidable weight of her own musical ability.

Three Chords and the Truth 2019

In northern England people rediscover the art of building guitars out of everything between a shoe box and an old radio. A portrait of the "Cigar Box Guitar Revolution".

Purple Hearts and Power Chords 2006

There are a wealth of riches here, from relatively common (at least to the people who collect this sort of thing) items such as their 1965 Ready Steady Go and Richmond Jazz Festival appearances to some little-seen sequences such as their mimed June 1966 appearance on the Swedish Popside show; a live July 1966 London college gig, including a not-too-audible version of "C.C. Rider"; the Monterey Pop film outtake "Pictures of Lily"; live and interview footage from Helsinki, Finland, in May 1967; and promotional films for Tommy, linked by a few interview segments in which Pete Townshend explains the songs. There's even the U.S. promo film for "Substitute," in which they mimed the amended lyrics (omitting the reference to a black father) in the American 45 version..

Play Keyboards Now! Chords & Melodies

Now you can learn the basics and beyond in two simple but exciting programmes. Firstly in Chords Mel Reeves - the leading producer of music tuition videos - shows the chords and techniques used by players as diverse as Elton John, Billy Joel, Tony Banks, Oscar Peterson, Tori Amos, and Jerry Lee Lewis! Whicever style of music you want to play, this programme will teach you: Major chords, minor chords, sevenths, added 9ths, suspended 4ths, arpeggio patterns, random arpeggios, chord splitting, rhythms, walking bass lines, boogie and crushed tones. Also learn five complete song accompaniments and play along with the specially recorded tracks. In programme two Melodies Mel has turned his attention to reading music and playing melodies. The result is an exciting programme that will not only teach you note reading, rhythm, rests, ties, and how to move up and down the keyboard with ease - but will also teach you six complete melodies.

Woody Guthrie: Three Chords and the Truth 2019

Woody Guthrie is one of America’s legendary songwriters. A voice of the people, he wrote hard-hitting lyrics for a hard-hit nation. His is a tale of survival, creativity and reinvention. He is proof that there is always potential for change and even in 2019, more than fifty years after his death, he is challenging Donald Trump from beyond the grave. With enormous influence on successive generations of musicians like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Joan Baez and Billy Bragg, this film proves he has a true place in 21st-century culture.

Three Chords from the Truth

Three Chords from the Truth is a Canadian television series created by Steve Cochrane, Phyllis Ellis and Adriana Maggs that aired on the Canadian CMT network in 2009, and was also available on Movie Central. This program was CMT's first original comedy series and was nominated for two Gemini Awards. The program starred Phyllis Ellis as Helena Delaney, a fortyish network executive for a struggling country music television station run by her former lover. The series provides a tongue-in-cheek look at the music industry, as Helena strives to improve network ratings and prove herself as the new boss. Her attempts generally result in humiliation, and witty, but subtle, remarks from the network staff. The staff is an ensemble cast of characters, including Joel Stewart, Helena's work-nemesis, comedic foil, and eventual love-interest, who is a genuine music lover, and views Helena as a sell-out; Rusty Katz, and Calvin Bates, the sarcastic on-air personalities. Ellis Dukes is Helena's boss and former lover who is now dating Amber, his much younger assistant. Mick McCafferty is a talent agent whose views on status and corporate-climbing mirror Helena's and lead to a mutual attraction. Mick represents Tommy Mountain, an up and coming Iraqi singer.

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