Kabir Singh 2019

Kabir Singh, a short-tempered house surgeon gets used to drugs and drinks when his girlfriend is forced to marry the other person.

Kabir 2018

The storyline of the film is based on the apprehension of the co-founder of Indian Mujahideen and conspirator of several bomb blasts in India, Yasin Bhatkal, by National Investigation Agency near Indo-Nepal border.

In the Loop 2009

The US President and the UK Prime Minister are planning on launching a war in the Middle East, but—behind the scenes—government officials and advisers are either promoting the war or are trying to prevent it.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 1920

Francis, a young man, recalls in his memory the horrible experiences he and his fiancée Jane recently went through. It is the annual fair in Holstenwall. Francis and his friend Alan visit The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, an exhibit where the mysterious doctor shows the somnambulist Cesare, and awakens him for some moments from his death-like sleep. When Alan asks Cesare about his future, Cesare answers that he will die before dawn. The next morning Alan is found dead. Francis suspects Cesare of being the murderer, and starts spying on him and Dr. Caligari.

Tribe 2019

An Amazonian chief’s 12-year-old daughter gets lost and kidnapped. While she is in the hands of a dishonest government official, the chief mistakenly captures an American banker only to find that he is behind the construction of a massive dam destroying his people.

Freaked 1993

A vain actor, his best friend, and an activist end up at a mutant freak farm run by a weirdo scientist.

Capital 2013

Andres is a well-liked, respected, and middle-aged fisherman who rents out commercial spaces to people in the town market. Ge seems to have everything a man could ever need: a loving family, a home, sustenance, and good friends he can trust. One day, he discovers several bricks of shabu floating in the sea. With his discovery, everything begins to change.

The Tribe 2014

Deaf mute Sergey enters a specialized boarding school for deaf-and-dumb. In this new place, he needs to find his way through the hierarchy of the school’s network dealing with crimes and prostitution, the Tribe. By taking part of several robberies, he gets propelled higher into the organization. Then he meets one of the Chief’s concubines Anya, and unwillingly breaks all the unwritten rules of the tribe.

Enteng Kabisote 3: Okay ka fairy ko... The legend goes on and on and on 2006

The adventures of Enteng Kabisote continue in this third film based on the TV series about a mortal and his magical fairy wife. In this installment, the wicked Satana sets her sights on Engkantada, and it's up to Enteng's family to band together to fight her evil influence. To complicate matters, Satana sends a lizard to pose as Enteng, and stubborn mother-in-law Ina Magenta stirs up her own special blend of havoc.

Dibaratrir Kabya 1970

Throughout her life, Supriya loved a man and was married to other man however she did not either escape from her responsibilities as a doting wife. However, her inner feelings keep tormenting her all her life and her married life becomes an utter failure. She not only ruins her life but everybody else's around her. In the end, her life becomes nothing more than fragmented pieces of broken images.

Picture Mommy Dead 1966

Susan Shelley is released from an asylum where she's been confined to after the shock suffered over the fiery death of her mother. Her father has a new wife, who has only married him for the money left to him by his dead wife. Susan is still haunted by her mother's memory, and her step-mother is conspiring with her lover to get the troubled girl to lead them to her mother's missing diamond necklace.

Nightmare in Wax 1969

The disfigured curator of a wax museum murders his enemies and then uses their bodies as exhibits in his museum.

La tribu 2018

A cleaner woman with vocational street dancer tries to recover her long-stranded son that she gave for adoption, a former CEO who lost everything, including his memories.

The Cabin 1966

A study of activity surrounding a changing room by a place of swimming.

Kabita 1977

Film starring Mala Sinha, Sandhya Roy and Prema Narayan

Enteng Kabisote 10 and the Abangers 2016

Enteng has made use of his skills in the ironworks and robotics industries, becoming a successful businessman. He also spends more time with his cute granchild Benokis. But trouble arises when Kwak-Kwak, who was booted from Engkatasya, returns to create chaos through a virtual game. Enteng then gathers the Abangers, led by his son Benok, to fight.

Kabiosi 2015

Antar Laniyan ,as a king goes against the custom and tradition of the land, to stop the usage of human being for yearly sacrifice of the gods.

Soltan-e Sahebgharan

Soltan-e Sahebgharan is an Iranian historical 1976 TV series directed by Ali Hatami. It stars Jamshid Mashayekhi, Naser Malek Motiee, Iren, Parviz Fanizadeh, Zari Khoshkam, Saeed Nikpour and Jahangir Forouhar. It deals with The Ghajar dynasty era and Nasereddin shah and Amir Kabir's relations and struggles and also assassination of the Shah by Mirza Reza Kermani.

Die Vierde Kabinet 1998

Die Vierde Kabinet revolves around corruption in the police and the Organised Crime Unit, the hated internal investigation unit of the police who set traps for and spy on other police units to try and uncover corrupt members. The same corrupt police attempt to turn the tables by trying to find information about who is in this specialised unit. In 1993, shortly before the first democratic election in South Africa, a group of policemen rushed to get rid of files containing information about illegal police operations. The files were placed in filing cabinets, taken to a secret place and destroyed with explosives. But in the atmosphere of panic and disorder a cabinet - the so-called "fourth cabinet" - got lost and was forgotten. In 1997, Bonnie Badenhorst (Vanessa Pike), a policewoman attached to the special police unit investigating corruption, discovers the cabinet. Badenhorst, whose brother died in Angola, decides to remove the cabinet and hide it without informing her colleagues.

The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir

The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir is a Disney Channel India sitcom, which premiered on April 8, 2012. The series is an Indian adaptation of the American show The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. It airs at 10.30 am every Sunday; a repeat comes on every Tuesday at 2.30 pm. The series is set in the Raj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai and centers on Karan and Kabir, trouble-making twins who live at the hotel. The series' other main characters include daughter of the owner of the hotel Rani, the candy counter girl Vinnie, the hotel's manager Mr. Maan Singh, and the boys' mother Preeti, who is an assistant manager. It will air in the US on Zee TV.

Tales from the Crypt 1989

Cadaverous scream legend the Crypt Keeper is your macabre host for these forays of fright and fun based on the classic E.C. Comics tales from back in the day. So shamble up to the bar and pick your poison. Will it be an insane Santa on a personal slay ride? Honeymooners out to fulfill the "til death do we part" vow ASAP?

Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai

Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai was an Indian soap drama that aired from 9 October 2007 to 13 November 2010 on STAR Plus channel, every Monday to Friday. Since September 2010, the show is aired on an Afghan television channel called Ariana TV, where the drama is translated into Dari Persian. Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai named Culoarea fericirii in Romania premiered on 7 November 2010 on National TV. The show will end on 30 November in Romania show ranked 6 in star plus top 10 shows of all time.

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